Marry Me?


Engaged 1

It’s official!  My sister Amber is engaged!  Daniel popped the question this morning at church in front of our whole congregation.  As he got down on one knee, everyone gasped in delighted surprise at the same time and sucked nearly all of the oxygen out of the room.

Her reply:  “Of course!”

Engaged 2

Engaged 3

Engaged 4


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  1. Wow, that little girl who sometimes tagged along in those high school days is getting married!! Congrats!! I’m just a month in and loving every second of it. Many blessing, Amber.


    A million congratulations and good wishes to your sister and her hubby to be!!! They make such a cute couple! And after the way you’ve raved about the two of them together, I know how happy you must be, and that makes me happy. Yay weddings!

  3. Congrades to the great couple,Amber I’ve never seen you so aglow, I hated it when you decided to move away and take my movie buddy out of reach. But after seeing how you have blossomed I know it was the right thing to do.God still works in misterious ways.
    You guys continue to love and take care of each other. I knew when I saw you together that it was perfect. God bless and take care of you
    Love to you both

  4. Congratulations! You probably don’t remember me from Harding, but Amy Lu directed me over here. We were praying for Daniel while he was in China and now we will be praying for you all as you begin your life together. You all seem like such a blessing to one another and I am so, so happy for you.

    -Tiffany Y.

  5. Finding that special person that you walk in life with, is one of God’s biggest blessings.
    I can see the adoration they hold for each other in the photos. The top photo of their hands is absolutely beautiful.

    I wish them a lifetime filled with love and laughter !

  6. hi to both of you,

    we love you and want you to be happy. may God watch over you and bless you. the ring is very pretty.


    grandpa and grandma wright

  7. Oh Daniel you have done it finally!!! Well done bro and congratulations!! Thank you to Amber and I will be praying for both ya and hopefully come to your wedding!! She is a beauty man!!!!!!!!!!!!! You match!!

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