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Twilight: New Moon


I think it’s fair to say that I mainly liked the first Twilight movie on behalf of the book, which was a thoroughly entertaining read. Though the key elements were there, and I enjoyed the book-turned-movie-lover’s experience of seeing events that had previously been confined inside my head playing out on the big screen, I left the theater thinking, “They could have done more with that.”

Not so with New Moon. With its new director, its heady special effects, and its improved performances by almost every member of the cast, it was easily ten times better than its predecessor.

I went to see it Saturday with the group of friends who went with me to see the first movie, and we were all of the same opinion: more like this one, please!

The vamps were vampier, the wolves were as big as horses, and Kristen Stewart delighted the world by revealing that laughing and smiling are a part of her acting repertoire after all. As the action swept through Forks and across the world to Volterra, Italy, the scope of the story widened, too; heartbreak, longing, jealousy, self-sacrifice, forgiveness: the full range of human emotion coming to bear on these not-exactly-human characters. In its own inartful way, the Twilight series touches chords that are common to each of us.

Critics have gripes, lots of them, but the fans don’t seem to share them. All the opening night midnight showings at our local theater (there were six of them, I think) were sold out days ahead of time, and the crowds just keep on coming. Stephenie Meyer must be doing something right.

Yeah, the Twilight books are fluffy. They are, in parts, cheesier than the queso dip at our last girls’ sleepover. But they’re also charming and endearing and oh, so entertaining.

Go see New Moon. I recommend attending with a gaggle of girls as part of the total Twilight experience. The gasps and giggles and sniffles of emotion are at least as diverting as what’s going on up on the screen. And if you can’t find a whole gaggle, just take me. I’m already looking forward to seeing it again.

(Go Team Edward!)