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LIFEgroup #7 Camp Out


In what was a fun-filled last hurrah of our over-too-soon summer break, we joined seven other families from our small group for a weekend of hiking, swimming, roasting marshmallows, playing games, chatting, reading, and eating (oh, the eating!) at beautiful Camp Prince’s Pine in Washington state.

Each family claimed a cabin, and we took it in turns to prepare meals.  I finally learned the secret of making Alyson’s amazing cinnamon rolls (hint: it involves getting up at 5:00am), and I got some actual photographic proof that my children can do dishes and smile at the same time. I drove a 4-wheeler ATV for the first time ever, and if it weren’t for the dwindling supply of gasoline and my dismal sense of direction, I would have kept right on going all day long. I took Katie and Caleb out paddling around in the canoe while Paul tried to see how much dirt he could pack on his face off-roading.  Three families brought their dogs.  Caleb wanted to bring Pixel, but we had to inform him that cats don’t camp.  Surrounded by friends, we talked, we laughed, and we sang around the campfire.  It was heavenly.

Here come the pictures!

Jacob, Katie, and Caleb on the deck.

Jesse hauls pillows to his family's cabin.

Erin finds a fuzzy caterpillar and brings it in for the kids to look at.

Caleb ponders his next amazing move.

Lily, Grace, and Carol Ann found a great perch for keeping an eye on all the hustle and bustle in the kitchen.

S'mores time!

Grant, Jesse, and Jacob are ready for battle!

Zoe takes a unique approach to tanning.

Jeff comes back to camp wearing most of the road.

Grace and Alyson love spaghetti night!

Mike and Cindy treat Brylee, Jessica, and Zoe to a cruise around the inlet.

The water was cold, but that didn't stop the most determined swimmers. Caleb, Hayden, and Grant splash around.

Katie and Caleb: best little dish-dryers at camp!

Jason and Samuel take a break from the water.

Brenda works on the weekend's group puzzle challenge.

Beautiful Kara enjoys the last rays of sun from the lodge deck.

Doctor Evil demands garlic bread.

Bill and Paul return from their ATV adventure. Guess who was riding in front?

Lily wasn't the only one all tuckered out when the weekend was over!