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When you’re going through hard times, one day at a time is the only way to do it.

I keep forgetting that.  I try to bite off big chunks of the future and choke on them.  I fill my mind and heart with fears and “what if”s; is it any wonder that I feel overwhelmed?

Just get me through today, Lord.  That’s all I’m asking right now.  I put my trust in You.

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Thankful Wednesday


I am thankful that God answers prayers.  Not always in the time and the way I want, but He answers.  And He keeps His promise never to leave us, even when we’re walking in the dark.

Today, after the neurologists’ office assured had assured me that there were no possible openings until after the holiday weekend, I got a phone call.  There had been a cancellation; could I come in this morning and take the appointment?  Yes, yes, and yes!  I wept with gratitude and got there in twenty minutes.  After an examination and a thorough patient history, it was determined that I have inflammation in the nerves at the base of my occipital bone–the most likely cause of the Headache That Never Dies.  There are several possible therapies, from nerve pain pills to injections in my neck; we can keep trying different ones until something works.  I’m starting the first one, a drug called Gabapentin, tonight.

Please pray that it will work, without side effects, and that sometime in the next few days, I will be a new person–one who can go outside and walk and talk and pick up the strings of my life and live it!

God is good.  I know He is with me whatever comes, whether we walk in shadow or in sunlight.

Grateful Tuesday


I love the first big snow of the year. Seeing everything blanketed in a carpet of sparkling white makes problems seem a little bit smaller, makes the night seem a little bit brighter. We’re supposed to get several more inches over the next few days, and I’m thankful that Paul went yesterday to get the snow tires put on. And that he went back again today when three of them turned out to be from a bad lot that had holes in them. You do good work with a jack and a wrench, babe.

Thankful Monday


I’m thankful for friends.

Friends who cover your job at work when you’re hurting so that you can stay home buried in meds and try to get in to see a specialist.

Friends who send over dinner because they somehow know that cooking is the last thing you feel like doing.

Friends who drive your kids home from school because your husband is still waiting at the tire store for the car to be ready.

Friends who cry with you and pray for you and never seem to get tired of hearing about your problems.

I am a very, very blessed woman.

Blessed Sunday


I am so blessed to have a husband who really means the whole “in sickness and in health”, “better or worse” thing. ‘Cuz right now is definitely pushing the boundaries of sicker, and worse.

I love you, Paul. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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