Troll Bridge



Troll Bridge

I’m at the gaping precipice
A troll beneath my feet
He’s sniffing in my scent to
Find out if I’m good to eat

I long to cower back and hide
I quiver at his growl
I’ll never make it home, I think
With monsters on the prowl

But still I have to cross this bridge
And pass the forest deep
So, trembling, I gather
Up my courage, and I leap

And each step’s harder than the last
As darkness gathers round
The hissing scrape of talons
Fills the night with deadly sound

Before the claws can catch me, though,
Before the shadow harms
My Father’s voice calls out ahead
I crash into His arms

Not satisfied with waiting for
His child to find the light,
He charged into the darkness
And he found me in the night

We turn towards home together now
And peace fills up my soul
For when I’m with my Father…
There’s no need to fear the troll.

–Katrina Swaim

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