Thanksgiving 2011


It’s time to catch up. Thanksgiving this year was an occasion for even more thanksgiving than normal for many reasons, not least of which was that I didn’t spend it curled up on a friend’s bed, hyperventilating and crying uncontrollably. (That tends to put a dent in the holiday cheer!)  Instead, we spent a fun, relaxed, mentally stable two weeks in Georgia with lots of family and great food. Maybe a little too much great food. I could barely zip my jeans when we left.

This year, I’m thankful for: the excitement of watching the kids grow up and take on more independence, the laughter and conversations and kissing and hand-holding that still characterize our marriage of almost 16 years, the treasure of true friendship from friends who don’t bail out when I temporarily go to the zoo, the pleasure of living in a world God designed to delight His creation, deep and wonderful sleep that leaves me rested and refreshed, and, most of all, the adventure of walking through life with a great wonder, a great purpose, and a Great Love.

Now for the photos!

Mom and Dad enjoy the view from the top of Stone Mountain.

Checking out the rainwater pools for signs of tiny life.

Jamie, Bill, Seth, and Riley.

Mufaro and Amber.

Mufaro and Grandpa.

Daniel and Mufaro. (Obviously, Mufaro gets a lot of camera time.)

The Goofballs (a.k.a. Katie and Caleb)

Waiting for the Stone Mountain Light Parade to start!

The Wright family in Stone Mountain's Christmas Village.

The Lufiyele family.


The Kids' Table: where the fun is!

The Feast!


Sweet Seth and Riley!

Katie all wired up for neurofeedback.

Katie loves to swing.

Moo playing with Mommy at the park.

Evil Knievel.

Kira and Moo think the dog's kennel makes a very fine playhouse.

Caleb ❤ Aunt Amber!

Mark and Brandi. ❤

The Sandford family. It was such a treat to see them!

Shiloh has some muscles!


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