Little Monsters


Check out these adorable felt monsters my sister-in-law Angie just whipped up in her spare time. Aren’t they amazing? And they’re all pattered after the little monsters on the Kleenex boxes. Angie says that since her sewing machines weren’t available, she hand sewed them over a few nights while watching TV. I think they turned out great! Hopefully I can cajole  a set for the kids’ monster-themed birthday party this winter!


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  1. Oooh, those are super duper cute!! They make me want to go do something creative. And actually, since we’re not having Lifegroup at our house for a while, I can set up my sewing machine in the guest bedroom and not have to clean up my mess. Hmmm… tempting….

  2. These are soooo cute! Kinda matches your new blog lay-out which I think is so cute too 🙂 I’m a bit busy with A Maui Blog, but loves visiting my Liza’s Eyeview friends whenever I can. How are you doing? I am trusting you are doing well. I’m still loving your blog. Keep posting! 🙂 Aloha!

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