Monthly Archives: August 2011

Crazy Cat Lady, Stage 1


At the end of July, we adopted a 4 month old kitten from an animal rescue.  In just two days, I became one of those women who post more Facebook pictures of her cat than her kids.

I can’t help it.  She’s so cute!

Her name is Pixel*, and she’s a Russian Blue mix, so she doesn’t irritate my allergies very much at all.  She has a sweet, playful personality, and better manners than any cat with whom we’ve ever shared a living space.

Unfortunately, she has summarily rejected thirty dollars worth of cat toys only to play with crumpled wrappers, shoe boxes, and milk carton lids. So I’ve been inventing cat toys made out of common household junk.  Her favorites so far are these cardboard rings I cut out of empty paper towel tubes.


I also ordered a bag of cat food from, and yesterday it arrived in this big box packed with crinkly paper.  They couldn’t have designed a better cat toy if they tried. (Thank you, PetCo!)

They say that cats own us, not the other way around. That might account for us giving up a chunk of our bank account and a corner of our family room to erect a fleece-covered monstrosity called a Deluxe Cat Tree.  Pixel couldn’t even wait for Paul to finish putting it together before she started playing on it.

As soon as it was done, she got started torturing the poor canvas mouse dangling from one of the platforms.

This afternoon she figured out that the sisal rope posts are good for scratching, so that’s one more handy non-sofa surface upon which she can sharpen those ginsu knives at the end of her paws. (And there was much rejoicing!) Anyway, I’m sure the future will see me peppering the internet with more cat photos and stories and videos. If you don’t want to see them, just do what you do when you get an email full of your second cousin’s pictures of his Niagara Falls vacation. Click on through. I don’t mind.

But Pixel might.

*Rejected names: Monster, Cleopatra, Princess Zamboni Tunameister