Lovely Links


*Whew!  Found this site just in time for Christmas shopping:

*They can call it “environmentally low-impact” and “ecologically sustainable”, but it’s clear that this family just wanted to live in a Hobbit house (and who wouldn’t?):

*In the old days, evil masterminds had to work and slave to come up with their own dastardly plans.  Don’t you just love technology?:

*I would actually use some of these things (The Dad Saddle, for example, would make piggy back rides a lot less painful for both parties):

*It’s a little late for this site to be of use to you, but maybe you’ll get some good ideas for next year:

*At last, the world pays homage to the hotness that is… the monobrow:


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    • Oh, dear–that dog head cake is hideous!

      Yes, I took out the Pixar link. When I found it, I was under the impression that you could WATCH all the shorts there, but apparently they’re just descriptions of the shorts, and you have to pay to watch them on iTunes!

      So I put in the Storm Troopers, instead. They’re cute, in that stooges of the Dark Side sort of way.

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