I feel like a character in a scifi horror movie.  Namely, the one who comes back from a routine jaunt on the surface of an alien planet feeling fine and dandy, only to realize hours later that she has been somehow mysteriously mutated by alien DNA or impregnated with a terrifying little pod baby.

After two courses of antibiotics for a sinus infection, I am still having pressure headaches in my face and head most of the day (worse at night).  More worrisome, my panic attacks are back.  I’ve had one every night for the last five days, including one that woke me up out of a dead sleep, which has never happened before.  My doctor says that is probably a side effect of the azithromycin, so I’m hoping it will go away.

At any rate, we’re at the part of the movie where the audience finally finds out what’s going on.  At least I hope we are.  Dr. B scheduled me for a CT scan of my sinuses today.

I’ve never had a CT scan before.  I’m not nervous about the procedure itself, but I am a little worried that it won’t show anything.  What if I don’t find out what’s causing all these symptoms?  That would be extremely frustrating.  After all, how are they supposed to extract the alien brainsucker if they can’t find it?

Can’t worry about that now, I guess.  I just have to buckle down, keep my wits about me, and hope I’m more of a Hicks than a Hudson.

Stay tuned.

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