He’s a Gleamer


Paul’s starting to get that gleam in his eye again.

No, not that one.  That one’s always there.

I’m talking about the I-want-to-buy-something-shiny-with-wires-and-circuit-boards gleam.

Last night we went over to Jim and Alyson’s house and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince… on Blu-ray.  (Ooooooh!  Ahhhhh!)  The resolution was so clear that you could see the individual pores on Hermione’s nose.  You could count every one of Ron’s freckles.  You could make out the patterns of individual snowflakes falling on Hogsmeade.

Okay, okay…I’m mocking just a little (but it’s so fun!)  Teasing aside, however, I’ll admit that the picture did look pretty crisp.

And unless I mistake that gleam in Paul’s eye, I will soon be able to enjoy that delightfully microscopic detail from the comfort of my own living room couch.  Don’t worry, Paul.  I won’t put up a fight.  I know the inevitable when I see it.  Besides, I’m building up leverage for the new dining room chandelier I want to buy.

Gleam on, sweet geek, gleam on.


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  1. Allison- You’re cute 🙂

    Um yeah I’ve seen that gleam too. I think he’s about to burn a hole through something with his gleam, now that he’s seen blu-ray up close and personal. I need better sunglasses or something 🙂

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