Invasion, Redux


I finally got around to doing yard work today after losing four weeks in October to The Great Snot Uprising of 2010.  (Sure, you think mucus is your friend–coating your throat, keeping dust and debris out of your lungs–but the minute you let your guard down, it tries to drown you in your sleep.)

So I spent this morning cleaning dead plants out of the flower beds, trimming back our runaway shrubbery, and mowing the lawn.  (Good news: Ingalls is still with us!  I found him hunkered down under a moldy hosta.  He was none too happy about losing his shelter, but I managed to convince him that the rhododendron was more than sufficient as protection from the rain.  It smells better, too.)

Something interesting happens when you don’t mow your lawn for four weeks right at the end of growing season and then the fall rains come.  And by “interesting”, I mean “ugly, slimy, and frightening”:

Whatever they were, they had taken over the whole yard.  I took great pleasure in mowing them down.  On the bright side, it could have been worse.  Much worse.


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  1. I read this last night sometime and then watched 28 Days Later. Then I went to bed and had dreams about slimy phallic mushrooms and zombies. Way to infiltrate my dreams! 🙂

    • Glad I could help! I love 28 Days Later… although I’ve always thought that the real monsters in that movie were the soldiers they run into. Did you ever see the sequel, 28 Weeks Later? I wonder if it was any good.

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