Bits and Pieces


*Egads! Three weeks without a post? I’m going to have my blogger card taken away if I go on like this! (What’s that? You didn’t receive a blogger card? If you ask nicely, I can get you one just like mine. Caleb drew it. Gray marker on white typing paper. It says “MOM’s blog licens”. Snazzy.) Seriously, I have any number of excuses for not blogging: 1) Too busy having adventures to blog about them. 2) Unable to share most of the cool stories from my day because of the confidential nature of my job (i.e. church secretary/undercover NSA operative). 3) Afflicted several weeks ago by Old-Lady-Itis, a sudden and persistent inability to stay awake past ten p.m. (I blame the overall drop in my personal caffeine levels.) 4) Twitchy pinky finger—it keeps typing “;” and “[” and “]” at inappropriate [places i;n my po]st.

However, despite my many very real and valid impediments to regular blogging, I’m going to attempt to take the reins in hand once more and churn out the sort of semi-lucid prose you have come to expect here at Notes on a Napkin. Starting with this Bits and Pieces post.

*This week, Caleb was honored at school with the Timothy Award! According to the note that the school sent home, this award is bestowed upon a boy who exhibits strength of character, specifically in the following ways: shows courtesy and patience, is helpful, shows interest and willing participation in Bible classes and chapel, is truthful, displays thankfulness, is an encourager, shows kindness, and works hard. His surprise and excitement at being chosen was adorable; he stood blinking back tears at the podium as if he was about to launch into an Oscar speech. He got a medal to wear and a certificate to hang up in his room. We’re very proud of him.

*I have been going to the gym. And by “have been going”, I mean “went Monday, will go tomorrow, and have every intention of continuing to go in a more or less regular fashion, despite the evidence of my sporadic attendance through the first three months of our membership.” See? Now that I’ve told you, I’m committed. Or at least as committed as I can be without a gym buddy to make sure that I show up two or three times a week. That’s what I really need–a gym buddy. Paul has one; his friend Jim picks him up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to go pump iron or whatever it is boys do at the gym. But so far I have yet to find a gym buddy who wants to meet there at the horrifying hour of 5:30am, which is really the only consistent time I can find in my schedule for working out. I suppose I could meet someone who is also at the gym at 5:30 and become workout partners, but so far, I’ve been much too busy gasping for breath to actually talk to anyone. So I guess I’m on my own for now. Fortunately, that “I just exercised” feeling is totally worth getting up at 5am. I think.

*After almost a year in our house, we finally have furniture in every room! We sold the Giant Sectional of Doom and bought a lovely living room set: a couch, loveseat, chair, coffee table, and two end tables. Caleb made sure to put a scratch in the coffee table the very first day we had it, so we could get that awkward first ding moment out of the way and get down to the business of really living in the living room. (Full disclosure: I put the second scratch on the coffee table when I accidentally flung [flinged? flang?] a curtain rod bracket at it. Happily, that incident was quickly followed by the discovery that a brown sharpie is precisely the right color to disguise the damage. Awesome, right?) I’ll post pictures soon.

*Tomorrow night is the annual talent show for Katie and Caleb’s school. Katie is part of a group that is performing the title song from “Phantom of the Opera”. Her role as Christine requires her to wear something frilly and white, like the dressing gown Christine wore on her first foray into the Phantom’s underground lair. Our solution: the white lace peignoir set that I received as a wedding gift from Paul’s mom and sister back in 1996. Of course, it required a tuck here and there, and several layers of slips underneath, but the effect is pretty good. I think Mom would have been tickled to see her gift repurposed for her granddaughter’s performance.

*I know “Fist of Fury” is a classic kung fu movie, but I’m just not feeling it. What’s with the knock-off Fistful of Dollars soundtrack? And could the dialogue be more cheesy? Maybe it’s really poignant and inspiring in the original Cantonese, but in English…not so much. Poor Bruce Lee. I haven’t seen this much brooding and moping since the first Twilight movie.



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  1. You forgot to tell about how the Timothy award is the most important award that you can get at that school 🙂

    Argh! And I still need to come and see your furniture. We got our new furniture before kids, which meant that I got the honor of The First Scratch. Actually, it wasn’t a scratch… it was a spot where I set down a cotton ball full of nail polish remover and succeeded in removing the finish… and then I tried to “fix” it by smearing it. It’s lovely.

  2. Congratulations to Caleb on the Timothy Award and congratulations to you for raising such a sweet boy. What an honor!

    I’m jealous…we desperately need new living room furniture, but it’s just not in the budget now. Oh well. Good idea with the scratch!

  3. I’ve been handing out the Timothy Awards for a long time, and Caleb had the all time best acceptance. It made my day to be able to give it to him and much as it made his to receive it.

  4. Hooray! Felt like 3 years! 🙂 congratulations to Caleb! That’s awesome!
    Can’t wait to see pictures! And glad you didn’t relinquish that blogger card!

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