Look What I Made!


Every year around October or November, I get all ambitious about making Christmas presents.  I scan articles on crafting and sewing.  I pore over patterns and comb the aisles of Joann’s in search of ideas.

Every year around December, I give it up and hit the stores with my debit card to buy presents, like every other year.

Except this year.

This year, I stumbled across some pillow covers online that I knew Paul would love.  Space Invader pillow covers.  Not having $135 to buy the set, I thought to myself: “I bet I can make those!”  Thinking about making them might have been the end of it, if I hadn’t happened to show the design to my friend, Marci, who persuaded me on the spot to go to the craft store with her and pick out the fabric.  I decided to make throw pillows instead of pillow covers, and selected fabric to go with the colors of our family room.  Newly energized by having the materials in hand, I set to work immediately.

On Christmas Eve (not a moment too soon), I finished!

They’re far from perfect, but, needless to say, Paul thinks they’re awesome.  I’m just proud I finished them!

(If you have no idea what these are, click here.)


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  1. They look great! I hope that Paul decides to leave them at home. Maybe he could pick the fabric for some for his office. It’s always helpful to have a great idea for your man’s birthday or Father’s Day.

  2. I think, after this post, that my Flash is hoping that your Girlie will be just like you and might be available for marriage in 10 years or so! LOL

    Space Invader Pillows? For your family room!? That’s an amazing number of wife points if you ask me!

    • Hahaha! And I intend to cash in those wife points to put a Shakespeare quote on the wall in the living room. I haven’t decided which one yet, though. Maybe “If music be the food of love, play on!” Or “I am giddy; expectation whirls me round…”

      And if Flash doesn’t mind a gamer girlfriend, he’s got the green light from me to come knocking on our door looking for Katie in five or six years…lol!

    • They weren’t difficult, just tedious sewing all those squares together. I didn’t use a pattern, per se. I just decided what size squares to use (2 inches), and then sewed them together using the webpage I linked in my post for a reference. 🙂

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