Club Rulez


Overheard from the backseat as I was driving the kids to school this morning:

Katie:  Hey, Caleb…let’s make up a secret club!  You and I can be the members.

Caleb:  Okay!  (He’s always game for just about anything his sister suggests.  I wonder how long that will last.)

Katie:  First we need to make up some rules for the club.  What rules do you think we should have?

Me (totally eavesdropping and interrupting, but thinking of my own childhood secret club experiences): How about “Don’t be mean”?

Katie:  Yes.  That’s a good one.  What else?

Caleb:  No smoking!  (I stifle a giggle.)

Katie:  Okay…  So we’ve got “no being mean” and “no smoking”.  Can you think of any  more?

*both think in silence for a while*

Katie:  Well, I guess we don’t have to have anoth–

Caleb (triumphantly):  “NO CARVING ON THE WALLS!”

Katie (after pondering for a moment):  How about “No destroying the house in any way”?

Caleb: Yeah.


I don’t know if I should be scared that he thought of that rule, or just relieved that it made the cut.


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  1. perhaps he remembers thomas’ experience with carving on the walls. there were some pretty severe consequences for THAT little escapade. you can still see the T if you look closely in the dining room. alas, you can also see the T and N carved into the boys dressers. the thing with that is that both of them solemnly promise they didn’t do it. perhaps it was the same scoundrel that nathan accuses of stealing his belts from time to time…

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