Black Friday


Despite staying up all night the night before in order to get to the airport at 4am, then flying for six hours back to Idaho only to arrive jet-lagged and exhausted, I am proud to say that I actually ventured out to the Black Friday sales yesterday afternoon.  And I’m glad I did!

The tussle at the Walmart $2 DVD bin was long over by the time I got there, leaving only a few battered copies of “Constantine” and “Undercover Brother”, but I got a couple of movies that we’d been wanting (including the wonderful “Australia”) from the $3.99 collection at Target.  I also bought “Up” for the kids, based on the good reviews a few friends have given it.

I finished shopping for all the nieces and nephews.  I have a little sewing to do on one gift, and then I just have to wrap them all and get them in the mail before the lines at the post office get out of hand–about three days from now.

I made the most of the coupons I got in the mail, especially the ones from JoAnn’s.  I used one of them on a cart full of craft supplies at JoAnn’s, and then took two others–for 40% and 50% off–to Michael’s (they accept competitor’s coupons) where I bought some silk plants I’ve been wanting for the kitchen.

Oh!  And our new chest freezer finally has something in it: two frozen turkeys, purchased cheap and just waiting to be baked, de-boned, and sliced up for turkey sandwiches!

So there you have it–another Black Friday in the books.

Now we just have to get the tree up and the Christmas season will officially begin!


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  1. walmart was the big loser for us this year. we got there at 5AM,but they didn’t have anything in stock that we wanted. The lines were CRAZY …but we found good deals as well. Glad BF worked out for you & yours.

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