Ten Things I’m Thankful For


1.  Jesus Christ, who brought me back together with God through the gift of His life’s blood spilled on the cross.

2.  Paul, my husband, best friend, and 24-hour tech support.

3.  My children, who amaze, frustrate, delight, and challenge me every day.

4.  Jobs, both mine and Paul’s, in this time of economic uncertainty.

5.  Our new home, much-anticipated and only half-decorated, but full of good memories already.

6.  Awesome friends, the deep-down kind, good for both everyday wear and special occasions.

7.  America, a country that, for all its faults, wants to do the right thing, and keeps getting up again, no matter how many times it falls down.

8.  Laughter that comes from the belly and spills up and over, wave after uncontrollable wave, until you can’t breathe.

9.  Tears that wash away the balled-up tensions of the day, leaving behind only fresh hope and a desire to start again tomorrow.

10.  Heaven, closer every moment.

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  1. Very good thankfulness list! I hope I can be a ‘friend for everyday wear’ kind of like the pajama pants that you never take off unless you have to leave the house. And even then, you know the drive-through guy can’t really see your pants… 🙂

  2. Jenn–thanks! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

    Alyson, In the closet of friendship, you’re definitely the pajama pants…lol!

    (And I bet those drive-through workers see all kinds of crazy outfits!)

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