Twilight Craft Night


Once a month, the women of our church congregation get together for a Craft Night.

It would more accurately be called a Talk and Eat and Watch Movies and Play With the Girls Night, but that’s too long to put in the bulletin announcement.

I mean, we do bring craft supplies.  Some of us are quilters, some are scrapbookers, and some are knitters.  A few people stretch the definition of “craft” a bit.  Teachers often bring papers to grade, and the only “craft supply” I brought tonight is my laptop.  I’m trying to get some NaBloPoMo blog posts written ahead of time for next week.  We get to fly down to Georgia to see my family for Thanksgiving, and I don’t want to spend any of our precious visiting time perched in front of a computer.

Craft Night entertainment tonight is a big screen showing of “Twilight”, in preparation for a big group of us hitting the theater tomorrow night to see the much-anticipated sequel, “New Moon”.  It’s making it a little hard to concentrate, so if I split any infinitives or put an apostrophe in the wrong place, it’s because my attention is divided between the words on the screen and the world’s best angsty epic teenage vampire werewolf love triangle EVAH.

Oooh, this is the good part…


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