New Mooooon


I am the Ticketmaster.

At least, that’s what Jen called me today when I was collecting money from friends in preparation for buying movie tickets for everyone.

Now I have ten glossy cinema passes in my purse, and they all say “New Moon” on them.

Unfortunately, they also say “Saturday”.  Two whole days away.  There’s a big, silly part of me that wishes I was standing with the crazy crowd waiting to see it at midnight tonight.  Some of them were already camped out in front of the theater when I stopped at the box office at 5pm.  They didn’t have capes and fangs on–at least not yet.  But I bet the crowd that’s out there now is chock full of pale Edwards and dark-haired Jacobs and clumsy Bellas.  And I can just imagine the cheering and woohoo-ing that will be taking place in the packed theater later.

Yeah, I’d like to be there.  But I’m not going to complain.

Because the Ticketmaster isn’t a whiner.


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  1. Can’t wait to see it! We are going on Tuesday. Loved the first movie, although (as usual), the book was much better. The previews for the second movie seem to almost match the pictures that were in my head while reading New Moon, though. Interesting! Have a fabulous time. 🙂

  2. I am going tonight. We’re doing a family slumber party–the husbands keep the kids down to a dull roar and wives head out in the middle of the night to get our vampire fixes. I satiated that part of me that wanted to be there at midnight last night by going to the local goth store and getting a vampy black “Team Edward” tee shirt…. 🙂
    Counting the minutes! My Facebook newsfeed is full of swoons and declarations of awesomeness from last night.

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