Our Friends, Slash and Axl


We just got back from spending the evening at the home of our friends, Jim and Alyson, where the girls (I’m tickled to say) totally put the smackdown on the boys in a very close game of Three For All.  In the guys’ defense, though, Alyson’s sharp nails made it a little scary for anyone else to approach the buzzer.  If you want to win, you have to be willing to take a few risks, right?

Hanging out with the Kleins has become something of a weekly ritual, one we really look forward to.  The kids play, we take turns providing dinner (pizza if it’s our turn, of course), and we veg out talking, watching TV, or playing games.  There is a lot of laughing.

This is the part of the post where I was going to write a long, moving opus about Jim and Alyson, and how blessed we are to know them (not to mention what great taste in friends they have), but it’s been a long day, I am full of Alyson’s yummy beef stroganoff, and I’m starting to nod off already like an old lady.

So instead I’ll tell you just seven of the many things we like about these two wonderful people:

1. They are way cooler than us. (See photo.)  If they ever start a rock band for real, maybe they’ll let us be roadies.

2.  They are our entertainment twins. They like The Office, science fiction, Pixar, and Xbox games, just like us!  To an astonishingly large degree, they enjoy the same movies, music, books, gadgets, and pastimes that we do.  Paul and Jim can spend hours playing The Force Unleashed, and I’m pretty sure I can count on Alyson for opening night of every Twilight movie that is ever released.  Oh, and Alyson is also a blogger; be sure to check out her blog, A Day In the Life of… (especially on Funny Story Friday!)

3.  They have a really cute kid. I mean really cute.  Look at this face:

4.  There is always amazing food at their house. Alyson enjoys cooking and baking.  I enjoy eating.  A coincidence?  I think not.

5.  They are encouragers. It feels good to be around people who constantly and consistently lift others up with their joyful hearts and cheerful optimism.

6. When someone needs help, they are there. Are you moving this weekend?  Do you need an extra pair of hands for that home renovation project?  Are you laid up with the flu and unable get off the couch, let alone fix meals for your family?  You can pretty much guarantee that Jim or Alyson will be there with their sleeves rolled up, ready to go to work.

7.  They love God. And so do we.  Under all the laughter and the fun times, this is the bond that counts the most.  A friend that walks beside you on the road to heaven is one that you’ll have forever, and that is truly something to celebrate.

The delicious baked goods are just a really nice bonus.


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  1. Awww garsh (shuffles feet) that was sweet. But you’re right, we do have good taste in friends, don’t we? 🙂 We are very blessed to have you guys as our friends. And just so that everyone is clear, those tattoos are REAL!!! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

  2. Jen! Come on over! We’re usually fairly fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants about planning, but we’ll let you know whenever we plan our next one. Oh, and pajamas are perfectly welcome, it’s about as non-formal as they come. (read: don’t mind my messy house.)

  3. I have a bad habit of just thinking good thoughts about people and keeping them to myself. Katrina, I need to follow your good example of letting people know how much I appreciate them. So I’d like to say how grateful I am to Alyson and Jim. They are always serving others! Oh, by the way, Katrina, I think you are great, too!

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