Caleb Says…



*  Maybe we could go see the treasures of ancient Egypt sometime.  But I think today it’s closed.

*  Hey, take a taste of my Ring Pop!  *I shake my head no as he holds it up, covered with kid slobber.* C’mon, Mom–it’s all sweet and juicy!

*  Will you make me a smoothie in the blunder?

*  Only God can do real magic, right?

*  I did clean my room!  *I point out the mound of toys piled on the bed.* But the bed doesn’t count!

*  Since there’s no school today, can we go see the Rifle Tower? *Repeated corrections do nothing to convince him that the correct word is “Eiffel”.*

*  Kayla’s my girlfriend now, but don’t tell her.

*  You’re driving me two thousand six hundred percent of CRAZY!



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  1. I love it when Mom’s share what their kids say. My niece does it on Facebook. The other day, she shared that her 4 year old son said, “How do you said Amigo, in unSpanish?” So, so cute. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite Calebisms.

  2. KEEP that sign. You will love it in about 5 years.

    By the way, my husbands name is Caleb and we made a book of “Calebisms” – yes, my full grown adult husband has “isms” – I collected them from his friends and family and compiled them in a book for his 30th birthday. You might want to do the same for your son’s 18th…he will LOVE it. 🙂 Or at least YOU will!

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