Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Thud



Well, it turns out that Diet Coke is not trying to destroy me, after all.

It’s my DNA, that fiendish double helix.

I talked to my mom for a while today, and she told me that heart arrhythmia runs in the family.  Both she and her sister experienced different types of it, and they both eventually had to have a surgery called Something Something Ablation (that’s the technical term, of course) to take care of it.  My mom’s arrhythmia was progressive, with her first and second attacks coming a year apart, and I’m experiencing a second one right now, which is a little concerning.

So it looks like I’m going to be following up on this at the cardiologist’s office.  Hopefully my little chest-dwelling chihuahua will be in a showing off mood so he (the cardiologist, not the chihuahua) can figure out exactly what’s going on.

I’ll keep you posted*.

Please pray for me, friends!


*But not in that long-winded, annoying way of people who love nothing more than to give you a non-stop rundown of their health problems every time you see them.  I’ll try to keep it brief,  i.e.  “Update: feeling better today.”  “Update: palpitating.  Should probably bail on this afternoon’s spinning class.”  “Update:  I’m coming, Elizabeth!” (Thanks to Alyson for supplying these timely and appropriate last words.  I hadn’t given it much thought, but it never hurts to be prepared.  Please submit any other suggestions for last words in the comments.)


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  1. As an anomaly, heart palpitations are a little scary and a bit weird, but explainable for a Diet Coke addict. But as a recurring familial thing they’re a bit more concerning. Not trying to scare you, just show that I’m concerned for you and a little less joking this time! We’ll be praying for you, and I hope you’re able to figure it all out soon!

  2. Katrina! Goodness! My grandmother and cousin had cardioablasions. They’ve got great outlooks now– but until then, it was so scary! My grandmother says it felt like she had been running up stairs. I am praying!!

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