Who I Am (by Katie)


I had a conference today with Katie’s fifth grade teacher, Marci, who also happens to be a good friend of mine.  We talked for a while about the special joys and challenges of working with Katie, and then Marci gave me a sheaf of Katie’s finished work, including this poetry craft project that they did in class.  I love the array of unique items Katie used in her collage–feathers, a skeletal dinosaur, sequins, puzzle pieces–but my favorite part is the poem itself, which opens a precious window onto Katie’s world:



However, when it comes to her brother agreeing with her, I don’t think she should hold her breath.


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  1. WHAT a fabulous poem. I LOVE when kids do pieces like this. IT gives them such an avenue to express who they are, and some of the things you read are really quite astounding. How wonderful to be someone who fears nothing at all.

    I just might steal this template and use it (modify it) for my kiddos!

  2. What a unique blessing Katie is! She has many parts of her that are influenced by both you and Paul! Thanks for sharing!

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