I’m a meat eater, and proud of it.

I suffer no guilt whatsoever while devouring juicy steaks, savory chicken, or crackling bacon.  I can gnaw the meat off the bones of a whole rack of ribs with nary a pang of remorse.  I rarely ever spare a thought for the animals that make the ultimate sacrifice to fill my dinner plate.


Reading this description of the Turducken makes me feel a lot like one of those horrifying alien lizard people from V.  I mean, imagine walking in on the scene of a turducken preparation if you happen to be a duck.




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  1. I’ve heard of these before, and it’s still just as disturbing now as it was then.

    While not actually MEAT, I still find Tofurkey also disturbing. (If a tofu Turkey is called Tofurkey, what do they call a tofu duck?)

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