*deep breath*


…opened….cabinet…KING… coke cans….falling….screaming….falling……

Never get into a war with Kathy.

She fights dirty.


Not cool.



Not cool at all.


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  1. Oooooh, that Burger King dude is cuh-REEPY. I think it’s extra disturbing that it’s right in front of the BIBLE! Maybe Kathy should read that part about LOVING her enemies, not waging coke-can and creepy-burger-dude wars on them. Uh, not that you could ever be considered an enemy…

    Of course, if there was a cease-fire, I’d definitely miss the posts! 😉

  2. You know that as long as you respond she will retaliate, and she knows way too many of your weaknesses. She probably has a “list” of ideas for Diet Coke can treachery. Probably the worst thing that you could do to her is hold her “Master List for Life” ransom until she agrees to a cease-ire. (Yes, I purposely left off the “f”.) You could also fill a can with small children’s lost bloody teeth and put them under her pillow. The list thing might be easier though.

  3. let’s revisit the facts. katrina wantonly tossed her cans about, wrecking havoc one silver can (or half a dozen cans) at a time. while i would remind her that her nonchalant attitude was slightly irresponsible, i would recycle her discarded “tin soldiers” for her. she fired the first volley. i simply returned the mail to sender. she declared war. i repelled her attack. she obviously misplaced her 25 cans on my desk. i simply returned them to her. “have it your way”, katrina.

    ps- touch my list and draw back a bloody stump, marci. and your suggestion about the teeth? that made my stomach turn, marci. i’m gonna go throw up in one of your desk drawers now.

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