Bits and Pieces


*  Caleb’s stuffed animals call me “Grandma”.  This I do not like.

*  Katie’s first ever dentist appointment was yesterday.  (Yes, at 10, she’s a little old for a first dental visit, but anxiety issues related to AS kept us from taking her before.)  I expected to have to hold her hand, but she surprised me.  When the nurse called her name, she calmly told me she wanted to go in by herself.  Twenty minutes later, she came out raving about how fun it was to have her mouth rinsed while “Mr. Thirsty”, the suction wand, sucked all the water out.  Two things: 1) How grown up my girl is getting!  I’m so proud of her.  2) Mr. Thirsty is what they called the sucker wand when I was a kid.  I thought that guy would be retired by now.  By the way, no cavities!

*  This past spring, during Teacher Appreciation Week, the PTO gave all of us teachers gift certificates for professional massages.  Several of us are finally taking advantage of them tonight, and the timing could not be better!  I’ve been a little tense over the past few days, gnawing on my worries like a bear gnaws the last bone of his fall deer.  I’ve got knots on my knots!  I’m looking forward to lying down with some candles burning and a little Enya playing in the background while a beneficent stranger works scented oils into my skin.  It may be rude to say this, but I hope the masseuse won’t be feeling chatty.  Chatty hairstylist: yes.  Chatty manicurist: yes.  Chatty masseuse: not so much.

*  This afternoon, I cleaned the bathroom that Caleb uses.  Someone please tell me that this aiming problem is just a six year old thing.

*  This has been a really interesting political season, and if it didn’t concern serious things like the future direction of the country, it would be almost as entertaining to watch as football.  Of course, if I get tired of watching football, I can turn it off, but considering how quickly things seem to be changing in our country since January, I’m afraid to look away from the bloodsport that is taking place in Washington D.C. and in towns across the land.  It’s energizing to see so many people passionate and involved in the debate over the President’s health care bill, a debate which, in a wider sense, is about what role we believe the government should play in the lives of a free people.  I support health care reform, but not this bill.  I hope that we choose to hold fast to the freedoms that were bought at such a dear price by those who went before us rather than hand them over piece by piece to any government, no matter how well-intentioned.  Freedom to pursue happiness without a guarantee.  Freedom to work hard, and to enjoy the fruits of that labor.  Freedom to give to our neighbors not from compulsion but from our hearts, touching their lives with our own in a more personal way than a government ever could.  Freedom to try–and yes, to fail–knowing that we’re always free to dust ourselves off and try again.  Freedom to win or to lose, and freedom to learn from either outcome.

What a blessing it is to be an American.

*  Another thing I found while cleaning out the garage was a poetry project from one of my elementary education classes.  We had to describe 25 different types of poems or poetic devices (haiku, clerihew, limerick) and write an original example of each, then gussy it all up in presentation form for use in our future elementary classrooms.  I’m quite happy to have it back, if only so I can relive the proud glory I felt in presenting this fine example of alliteration: “Persnickety Patty Pinkerton pursed her pouty purple lips and pleaded petulantly for pumpernickel pizza pockets.”

Aren’t you glad you read that?


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  1. I had never heard of Mr. Thirsty and we moved several times growing up and I went to about 4 or so dentists. (I mean, I know what you’re talking about, but none of my dentists ever called it Mr. Thirsty… strange… I would have liked that!)

    I’ve only had a few massages, and my last masseuse was chatty… hated it! 🙂

    Very well-put about the politics. I think I share your general opinion on the whole thing. I greatly appreciate the freedom we’re afforded as Americans, and I don’t want to see that freedom slip into the hands of politicians.

  2. I hear you about the chatty masseuse. I once had a guy who was constantly bumping into things (he made a HOLE in the WALL with his chair… how do you DO that?) and kept dropping the F-bomb. Like, 7 times in an hour (I think twice when he made the HOLE in the WALL.) Relaxing? Not so much. Guess the lesson is not to get a massage from a tattoed dude named Mike.

    Um, wishing you a relaxing massage and a boy with better aim! 🙂

  3. I made the same book in one of my Harding classes! I actually used it one year when I was teaching 2nd grade. My kids loved to read it and check out what I made in college. 🙂

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