We’re Extras in an Action Movie



“Hurry!  The truck is just down the street!”  I called to Paul as we rushed around the house this morning emptying all the trash cans and tying up the bags.  Throwing the whole lot into our wheeled garbage cart, Paul opened up the garage door and trundled the gray bin down to the curb for pickup.  I had forgotten the trash in the downstairs bathroom.  Quickly, I hooked it out of the wastebasket and ran out after Paul to toss it in with the rest.

No sooner had I stepped foot on the driveway than I met Paul coming the other way.  “Go back in the house,” he said in a strange voice.  I obeyed with alacrity.

“What is it?  What’s wrong?” I asked.  He told me.

He had parked the trash can at the curb and turned around to see a team of FBI agents in flak jackets, their guns drawn, converging on a house just a few doors down from us.  We hurried back inside, wondering aloud what could be going on while  taking occasional peeks through cracked blinds at the strange events unfolding outside.

By the time we left the house an hour later, local police cars and unmarked SUVs (which must have arrived with the FBI guys) were parked all up and down our street as officers milled around taking pictures and going in and out of our neighbor’s house.  We pulled up next to one of the officers and asked if it would be safe for us to return home later.  He assured us it was, so I guess that whatever brought them there had already happened.

And that’s it.  We still don’t know what it was all about.  Drug trafficking?  Kidnapping?  Unpaid parking tickets?  It’s hard to wrap our minds around any of the possibilities.  We didn’t know the neighbors well, but we had talked with them.  Aside from a slightly unkempt yard and an unusually high number of cars parked in front of their house, they seemed normal, friendly, highly unlikely to be the subjects of an FBI sting operation.  (Jeffrey Dahmer?  “He was shy, a little withdrawn. But not real bizarre.  He never bothered anyone.”)

I’ve been poking around local news sites for clues, but so far there’s no indication of what, if anything, happened this morning on our street.  Perhaps we will never know.  After all, even if the neighbors do come back, I don’t imagine even Miss Manners could conceive of a polite way to go up and ask someone why the Feds hauled them in.

Maybe a plate of homemade brownies would help smooth things over?

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  1. That happened in our neighborhood a few months ago as well, and we’re not very far from you. We were driving down our street, and towards the end of it I looked out the side window at a policeman next to his car pointing an M16 toward a nearby house. Freaky. And, like you, nothing in the news about it.

    Maybe they ripped that label off their mattress. Or watched an illegally downloaded copy of Transformers 2. You just never know.

  2. Yikes! You know it’s funny, Paul never shares the exciting stuff actually at work. I always read it here. But then again, I don’t see him as much as I used to.

    I had a CDA police officer call me years and years ago saying they served a search warrant on my apartment by mistake. My front door was mashed and I was missing a cat. When the neighbors opened their door to see what was going on, the cops discovered it was their apt that should have been served.They also saw a letter address to my parents with my name and return address on it. Years later, when I worked for the city the same cop was still there and I gently reminded him I was “that” girl. We laughed and laughed.

  3. Well, it appeared that the neighbors were moving out, since the day after the “incident” several people we didn’t know filled a trailer with boxes and furniture and drove it away. But apparently the neighbors are still there. All their cars are there, and so is their stuff (at least what can be seen in the open garage when driving by.) So perhaps the police action involved someone who was living there with them or something.

    I guess it will just have to remain a mystery.

  4. Oh my! Scary stuff. But I guess it’s good that it got taken care of and is now over? Still – I hate mysteries! I just want to fast forward to the end and find out the truth!!! Booo for it remaining a mystery.

  5. Sometimes the not knowing is better than having your questions answered. When it’s imagined, you can always discount it and say “It’s probably nothing.”

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