The World According to Caleb


Caleb followed me into the kitchen as I prepared to make dinner, his brow furrowed in thought.

“Mom, do you ever get tired of taking care of me?”

Oh, my heart!  I knelt down, gripped his arms, and looked into his eyes, the better to give full impact to my answer.

“No, sweetheart.  I never get tired of taking care of you.  I love being your Mommy.”

Looking relieved, he said, “Good.  Because some people do get tired of it.  They only like being the kid!”


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  1. oh goodness….

    A few years after my tosser X left my JAcob who was then almost 8 out of the blue said…

    mum…if you get fed up with me will you leave me and stop loving me…. it almost broke my heart… like you I got down to his level and said…. sorry but Im here for ever, even when your grown and dont think you need me, I will always be here, come rain or shine…

    I hope Ive been enough for my sons..

  2. At the risk of getting on my soapbox…people need to think through marriage and divorce more completely before doing either one. I have worked with troubled teens for years and have seen the damage from such poorly thought out choices.

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