10 Movie Quotes That Paul and I Use in Everyday Conversation


Bonus points if you can tell what movies they came from (without googling!)

1.  “Maybe you should put some shorts on or something, if you want to keep fighting evil today.” Used on the person who is still wearing his/her pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon, or when a family member attempts the naked dash from the shower to the bedroom after forgetting to bring a change of clean clothes into the bathroom.

2.  “Sure, they’re cute now, but in a second they’re gonna get mean, and they’re gonna get ugly somehow, and there’s gonna be a million more of them.” True of cute little compys, cute little aliens, and cute little grade schoolers pouring out of the bus for a field trip.

3.  “Not the cow.  I just ate that cow!  Spasm!  Spasm!” All purpose announcement of indigestion.

4.  “I’m sorry, I was whack.”  “I was whack.” Instantly deflates an argument and prevents it from escalating into something truly ugly.

5.  “You gonna eat your tots?” Begging for food from someone else’s plate is a universal annoyance.  Being cute about it helps your chances.

6.  “We’re fine.  We’re all fine here now, thank you.  How are you?” Uttered over the phone in a tone of strangled calm while kids scream, doorbells ring, and glass shatters in the background.

7.  “Game over, man!  Just game over!” I’ve had it!  I give up!  Let’s take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.  Or, you know, go get some pizza.

8.  “Again, information that would have been useful YESTERDAY!” Appropriate reproach for someone who neglects to deliver a critical detail of some kind, resulting in epic FAIL.

9.  “Great party, Steve!” Follows the sigh of contentment that accompanies a fun activity, a good night out, or a hair-raising adventure.  Meaning: “That rocked!  Let’s do it again sometime.”

10.   “I came across time for you, <insert name of thing you like>.  I love you.  I always have.” As in: “I came across time for you, Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  I love you.  I always have.”

*Answers can be found in the comments section!*


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    • Oooh, Phil–good effort! You’re right on 7, 6, and 5, but wrong on 10 and 2. I’ll have to post the answers tomorrow! (It probably would help you if you actually heard us say them. Sometimes inflection is everything!)

  1. 1. Robes or Master Baths Are Not to be Underrated
    2. A Kindergarten Teacher
    3. Mad Cow, Anyone?
    4. Whackers
    5. Lunch Lady Land
    6. Thursday at Kathy’s
    7. Big Soldier Whiner
    8. Don’t Vacuum Glass
    9. Friday at Kathy’s (it’s the sequel)
    10. Sappy Love Story

    How did I do?

    • Hmmm…it’s not looking good, Kathy. I should give you at least partial credit for #6, though. And for #10, I would have accepted Sappy Love Story Occasionally Interrupted by a Cyborg Carrying a .45 Longslide With Laser Sighting.

  2. Yeah….I got nothing. Didn’t recognize any of those BUT this list did make me think about movie lines we say in my house ALOT. LOL!

  3. Okay! Here they are, in order:

    1. Mystery Men – The Bowler to Invisible Boy upon discovering that his clothes all fell off when he turned invisible.
    2. Galaxy Quest – Guy (Crewman #6) to Gwen DeMarco, referring to the cute-turned-deadly aliens populating the planet’s surface.
    3. French Kiss – Kate to Luc, lamenting her foolish decision to eat Laughing Cow cheese, despite the fact that she is lactose intolerant. She tosses her cookies soon after.
    4. Zoolander – Zoolander to Hansel, making up after their protracted male supermodel feud and ensuing walkoff.
    5. Napoleon Dynamite – Napoleon to Pedro, in hopes of saving the tater tots in his pants pocket to eat as a snack during a later class.
    6. Star Wars – Han Solo attempting to stall the Empire’s armed response to their breaking into the detention level on the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia.
    7. Aliens – Hudson to the other survivors after the aliens crash the craft that was supposed to take them to their orbiting space ship.
    8. The Wedding Singer – Robbie to Linda, upon finding out the day after she stood him up at the altar that she was having second thoughts about getting married.
    9. Multiplicity – Clone #4 to Doug, who he always calls Steve.
    10. Terminator – Kyle Reese to Sarah Connor, revealing his futuristic crush on the mother of the resistance.

  4. Oh, ouch. I don’t know my movies. Although, you have to admit, #10 could’ve been from Somewhere In Time.

    The one movie quote my wife and I use often is from Funny Farm (starring Chevy Chase). They’re trying to sell their farm and want the prospective buyers to see an idyllic setting, so they have a friend release a deer from a crate with, “Cue the deer.” We always say that to each other when we’re around a neighborhood that looks a little too perfect.

    I’m more of a geek than my wife, though. Some of my oft-said quotes that raises an eyebrow from my wife include: “Who are you people?” from Close Encounters, “Go do something your own age, like demolish a phonebox!” from Gregory’s Girl, and “I have made FIRE!” from Cast Away.

    • Speaking of Close Encounters, Jim and I say “This is important, this MEANS something.” All the time. We’re half quoting Close Encounters and half quoting UHF 🙂

  5. Sigh. I got none. I really did think the one was Gremlins, but turns out I was wrong. Flash will be so disappointed that I didn’t get the Star Wars quote. I love how you use this to lighten moods or to invoke extra laughter!! We do much the same, but just not movie quotes.

  6. That’s so funny! Families are great. We have our own language and names for a lot of things. The kids love it.

    Our favorite movie line is “Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.” Used when you can’t do anything about a junky situation or you just have to tolerate something annoying.

  7. I LOVE this post!! I use movie lines in conversation all the time. One of my friends’ favorite….”I’ll go, I’ll go…he’ll just keep calling..I’ll go”….Cameron lanenting the fact that although he is on his deathbed, he’s going with Ferris Bueller on his escapde in Chicago 🙂 I’t used when we really don’t want to go somewhere but now we’ll be harassed until we do.

  8. Haha, good stuff! I always put a movie quote up every day and love the wedding singer. Such an underrated movie because it was a little more adult then sandlers usual films. But, I didn’t even live during the 80’s but still thought it was hilarious. Love the rival wedding singers character!

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