Wii Boxing


The only thing more fun than playing Wii Boxing is watching Katie and Caleb Wii Boxing.  This is an older video I took when we were still in the apartment, and believe me when I say that they have only continued to hone their skills since then.  Who needs cable when you can see this?:


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  1. Funny, that’s how i look at it. I am more entertained watching my kids play the Wii boxing that playing Wii boxing myself. Way too cute!

  2. opppsss ohanakai is ME – Liza from Liza’s Eyeview and Liza at A Maui Blog. That Ohana Kai sign in is for my work. Hmmm… forgot to log-out of that before I wrote the comment 😉

  3. We rented “Family Game Night” for the Wii and played “Sorry!” tonight. That’s a stinking long game! But, oh so fun 🙂 The kids have grown tired of the sports games, so we’re trying to switch it up – you know, playing something that won’t make mommy too sore to move the next day 🙂 Our problem is that everything stops at 4 players…we need a 5 player game!!! Someone is always left out….

  4. Katrina, the new North Idaho Family Magazine with your lovely spelling bee story included is back from printers.
    Pick up as many copies as you’d like at 1048 N. 3d St., Coeur d’Alene (Kagey Co.)

    Thanks again!

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