Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!



The Cat in the Hat visited our school this morning.  His arrival capped off a week long celebration of the amazing works of the Cat’s beneficent creator, Dr. Seuss.  Students and staff were encouraged to dress up as characters from Dr. Seuss books, resulting in a colorful invasion of Grinches, Cindy Lou Whos, and Thing Ones and Thing Twos.  The Cat himself handed out prizes to the winners of the coloring and trivia contests, and every child received an autographed bookmark to take home.


Even though they knew it was a costume day, several of my students seemed taken aback when they walked in to find their normal teacher replaced by this strange creature:


I’m not sure who I intended to be, but one of the other teachers dubbed me Mrs. Grinch, so let’s go with that.  All I know is that when life hands you the opportunity to wear a neon green beehive wig, you don’t pass it up.


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  1. That is priceless!! What fun! Those kinds of celebrations should move to the workplace…take the edge off of the daily routine.

    You rock the green wig well. 🙂

  2. Cute!!!
    We had “random dance moment” today to celebrate, so for one minute the strains of–something, I can’t remember–gave us an excuse to just be silly for a few minutes! Nothing like working in an elementary school!!!

  3. Dr. Suess was such a creative talent and I am so glad we all honor him during this special week. I want that wig. I must find one for St. Patrick’s Day. I agree… Mrs. Grinch is perfect!

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