Sick Day



Well, it was bound to happen.  I’m only surprised that it took this long.

After five months of inexplicable good health, I finally caught the Kindergarten Krud.

In a room full of kids just learning the ins and outs of nose-blowing and hand-washing, germs abound.  Today, for example, I caught one of my students using a Kleenex she had just sneezed in to “wash” her desk.  Though I instantly cordoned off the area and hosed it down with hand sanitizer, it made me wonder how many other incidents of inadvertent plague-spreading escape my notice every day.  Kindergarten is a place for hugs and hand-holding and sharing snacks and trading pencils.  It’s also a place where germs meet, fall in love, and have millions of offspring–a roiling, boiling kettle of bacterial diversity.

Apparently, my very robust immune system has met its microscopic match.  It started Tuesday with a tickle in my throat.  By Wednesday, my nose was running and my voice was hoarse.  And today, it feels like a tiny army of dwarves is mining the inside of my skull with picks and shovels and illegally dumping the debris in my lungs.

So tomorrow I’m taking a sick day.

It’s my first (and hopefully only) sick day this year.  Unfortunately, it’s also the school’s annual Skate Party day, when all the students are loaded into cars and driven over to the local skating rink to spend the day skating circles around their less graceful teachers.  I was really looking forward to breaking out my old backwards skating moves and revisiting the Hokey Pokey.  Instead, I’m going to be hacking away in a sea of Kleenex, waiting for the ibuprofen to put the dwarves to sleep.

This is so not fair.

Fortunately, I have an amazing room mother coming in tomorrow morning to save the day.  She’ll be herding kids in my place and making sure the class gets where it needs to go.  So at least if I have to forgo glory under the disco lights, I know my class is taken care of and having fun.

I’ll just have to save my sweet limbo skillz for another time.

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  1. Get lots of rest this weekend, and hopefully you’ll be good as new by Monday. I’ve been doing a lot of resting this past week, hoping to keep the cold from coming. So far it has worked!! You are in my prayers!!

  2. I hope you were well enough to enjoy a little quiet time. Sometimes that perfectly-timed sick day is like balm to the soul. 🙂 Not that it could compare to the skating party….ha ha! That’s just funny!

  3. Take the sick time that you need. I got pneumonia the first year that I taught because I ignored my symptoms too long. Then I had to take a week off! I have not had pneumonia since. I now feel like I have super teacher immunity! I also have no shame when it comes to asking for prayers for me to be “especially exempt from illness” (as Michael put it).

  4. I caught the middle school crud, which is probably a close cousin to yours. I haven’t been able to hear for a week.. maybe that is a good thing… except students are now playing tricks on me and just mouthing words so I think my hearing is getting worse. Darn kids! I hope you are better. I think I am.

  5. I nominated your blog for an award. Go read A Surrogate’s Diary for details 🙂

    Oh, and I hope your sick-self is feeling better now!!! Get Paul to take you & the kids to the skating rink so that you can show them a thing or 2 🙂

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