We’re going on a full week of single digit temperatures, and we’re expecting another 5 to 7 inches of snow tomorrow.

Up here in Idaho, we only put food in the refrigerator to keep it warm.


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  1. We have had temps in the low 20s or a little less. Today, we had flurries in the morning, then sunshine. I took a trip through one of the many canyons along the Wasatch Front to the other side of the mountain, and it was a blizzard. At times, visibility was only about 150 ft, and it was nearly a white out. Back through the canyon to sunshine again. Funky!

  2. Ha ha ha! Putting food in the fridge to keep it warm. Ha! That made me chuckle.

    With that new driveway of yours, little tiny bit of advice. Fred Meyer has electric snow blowers for $159.99. If you got the Sunday paper, there’s a $20 off coupon for purchase over $150. We ended up purchasing a snow blower yesterdy because both our backs are shot!

  3. Well down here in Georgia we seem to be experiencing a heat wave. Saturday I debated jeans or shorts. I’m wishing for some snow. I miss it terribly. Send some down our way! Pleeeease!

  4. I agree… this weather has been unbelievable. It is beautiful to look at. Stay safe and warm and enjoy Christmas with your family. Thank you for blessing the blog world with another year of you Notes on a Napkin. I love to stop by.

  5. I miss white winters ever-so-much! My parents may come to visit soon from Pennsylvania and I’ve promised my oldest that the snow always comes with them. The snow is usually not even on the radar . . . it just comes with them! I hope I’m right this time.

    I’ve followed you from blogger to wordpress and I am always impressed with your writing. It’s been a year but I think I’m back.

    I can’t wait to hear about your Christmas. Surely you will blog an entry “on the night before Christmas . . .”

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