Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful…


…but I rather like it.

There’s nothing quite like sitting inside your warm, comfortable home watching the swirling white dance of snowflakes outside your window.

It’s been snowing all day, making it difficult for the kids and I to concentrate on sight words and counting by tens instead of daydreams of snowball fights and sled runs.  I watched it piling up outside the window, an inch at a time, wondering about the road conditions and praying for safe journeys for me and my students.  The six mile trip to pick up Paul and return to the house took twice as long as normal with everyone inching along, testing the traction on their tires.

And still, it snows.  I’m as bad as the kids, hoping for a snow day, checking and rechecking the local news websites for information about school closures.  So far, no word, which means that I should be in bed right now.  Especially considering what happened this morning, when we woke up to the sound of a phone call, only to find that we had overslept our alarm.  We usually leave the house at 7:10, and it was 7:15 when we awoke and catapulted out of bed to a maelstrom of rushing and shrieking and throwing around clothes and breakfast.  It wasn’t a great way to start the day, and I wouldn’t like to repeat it.

Factor in the driveway shoveling we’ll have to do tomorrow morning to make it out of the garage, and I really should be snoring instead of typing right now.  But I’m not ready yet.

Just a few more minutes of watching the snow fall.  That’s all I ask.

And you, stay warm.


Update:  I got my snow day.  It takes a lot of snow to keep you home in North Idaho, but eighteen inches in a 12 hour period will do it rather efficiently, especially if you drive a Ford Escort and the county snowplows haven’t gotten around to you yet.  Even better, Paul is off, too.  He didn’t get the text message until he was late for work and three quarters of the way through digging out the driveway; he had a few choice words for the powers-that-be about waiting till the last minute, but now he’s warmly esconced on the couch with a root beer and his laptop, happy with the world.

It feels like a good day for tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, for baking with the kids, for playing games and drinking hot drinks.

And for finally catching up on the three weeks of laundry hulking in my laundry basket, looking ever more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


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  1. Just a few more minutes of watching the snow fall, and fall, and fall, fall, fall, fall. And a SNOW DAY! That’s all I need. A few minutes of watching snow fall and a snow day, oh, I need this! Just a few minutes of watching the snow fall, a snow day and this paddle ball game, that’s all I need…………WISH GRANTED! POOF! (enjoy your day 😉 )

  2. My kids and I have that on our “wish list” of “to do someday”. We want to see and experience a White Christmas 🙂

    However, we are happy here on Maui Warm weather too.

    If I don’t get to stop again, i want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! – Mele Kalikimaka is how we say it here 🙂

  3. Hey–I stumbled across your website a while ago and I love reading it!! I LOVE snow days nobody has to get dressed we can stay on our jammies and watch movies!! I am curious where in Nothern Utah are you and have you ever been to Josies Full of Beans in Kellogg??

  4. Happy Snow Day!! I have decided that homeschoolers get a snow day, too. Well, almost. We are finishing up a few lessons so that we can have a real Christmas vacation. But the baking with the kids sounds too good to pass up.

  5. Lucky! I smiled the whole way through this, thinking of our own laundry tower (which toppled this evening) and dreaming of vacation…. One more day!

    I so enjoy reading you. Your grammar post tickled me to the point that I couldn’t respond. I can just hear my grandmother on that one….

  6. Same here and we are much enjoying ourselves!! Enjoy the kids and the day off. Enjoy Paul and the snow (not equally) and have a very wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas!!

  7. 18 inches in 12 hours…I can only dream…and hope that one day I get to see snow such as that!! Morgann & I dream about it, the boys just sort of hope, but could live without it, and Michael simply prefers sand and surf. Oh well – hope you had a great day off 🙂

    Christmas blessings to you & your family!!!

  8. I had those same choice words for the powers that be. Text msg at 7:15 a.m. That’s crazy! Although, I did like the fact that we were notified last night of todays’ day off. I can’t believe we’ve gotten this much snow. Looks like we’re in for another foot or so.

    Merry Christmas! as I won’t see Paul until after the first of the year. Yeah, two week Christmas vacation.

    I am NOT going to want to go back to work.

  9. Ahhh, snow. I can only dream 🙂 It’s still surreal to me to celebrate Christmas in shorts and sleeveless shirts. Oh well, one day we’ll back in the world that exists north of the equator 🙂

  10. I used to work at a school as a custodian…I LOVED snow days too!!! Now, they usually cramp our style, since one of us would have to miss work (and deal with the consequences of that) to tend them 😦

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