Home Sweet Home


I love the vaulted ceilings.  I love the fenced backyard.  I love the open floor plan, and the Pergo floors, and the huge garage.  I love my walk-in closet.

But most of all, I love having two bathrooms.



Do you realize what that means?  I can be in one, and the kids, whose bladders were apparently set at birth to go off whenever mine does, can use the other one!  No more pounding on the door, no more frantic calls of “hurry, mommy!”, no more bursts of cold air intruding on my hot shower as the kids go in and out the door in search of toothbrushes and hair barrettes.

It is bliss, I tell you.

I’ve been promising pictures for a while now, and here they are:

Living Room




Dining Room


Master Bedroom (Note the door to the right of the bed–my own personal bathroom!  Well, okay…Paul can use it, too.)



Walk-in Closet  (Wow, we have a lot of stuff.)


Katie’s Fortress of Solitude


Caleb’s Toy Box



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  1. my friend, you are sick. those 5 hours we were talking about in our meeting are not all meant to be spent cleaning… and you missed a spot under caleb’s table.

  2. Yay Katrina! I’m so glad you all have your own house! No more apartment! It looks perfect for you! Praise God for His goodness to you.

  3. I LOVE the light above the dinning table……. please say your nippers rooms aint always that tidy lol…..

    Great photos, I would be able to tell your home was a doodle home, so different from our homes over here..


  4. I’m with Amy…where were the bathroom pictures? A door doesn’t count 🙂 But, congratulations, none-the-less, at having your own home. I’m impressed with the cleanness of said home, considering your crazy schedule this year!!!

  5. Beautiful! Congratulations my friend – two bathrooms is a bliss – yes!

    Now we want to see photos with Christmas Decor – at least a Christmas Tree 😉

    I am very happy for you!

  6. Trina,
    The house is beautiful. We have 2.5 bathrooms and Shiloh still seems to have to use the one I am in and always has to go way to bad to go to a different one. Just wait. They will find you.


  7. For all of those commenting on the cleanliness and model-like quality of these home photos, let me assure you that twin tornadoes came through moments after these pictures were taken and gave the place a lived-in look that has persisted ever since.

    I pretty much have to move again to get my house that clean.

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