Daily Archives: November 27, 2008



The Big Things:

*Jesus Christ, who died to reunite my Father and me.  The rest wouldn’t mean anything without Him.

*the love of a good man.  We’ve walked through the sun and the rain, and every day is a little sweeter.

*two unique and amazing kids, with hearts and minds that grow deeper and richer all the time.  They are a wonder, a joy, and an awesome responsibility.

*my precious family.  We live all over the country, but they are always only a phone call away.

*the friendship of loving, talented, sweet-spirited women–girlfriends who have been there through joy and heartache and the kind of laughter that makes you wet your pants.

The Little Things:

*Paul’s job, and mine.  With economic worries swirling around like a flock of malevolent bats, I am deeply thankful for the security of Paul’s job.  I know there will be lots of opportunities in the coming months and years to help others who are struggling, and I’m thankful that we are in a position where we can do that.  It wasn’t very long ago that we were the ones in need.

*the beautiful home we’re renting.  What a blessing to have a yard, and another bedroom, and (eep!) a walk-in closet!  After so many years in our apartment, I feel like Annie visiting Daddy Warbucks for the first time.

*music, and the iPod that makes it possible for me to carry it around.  It’s my own personal soundtrack.

*hot tea.  I think the British are on to something.  In times of discouragement, it’s a small, warm comfort, and in times of peace, it puts a finishing touch on the feeling of contentment.  My favorite?  English Breakfast with a splash of milk and one spoonful of sugar.

*the smiles of strangers.

*Jay Cutler, who is the main reason my Fantasy Football team is leading the league this year.  I know it’s not ladylike to gloat, but…BOOYAH!

*Netflix.  I don’t even miss cable TV.  Well, maybe Mythbusters.

*the sidewalks in our new neighborhood.  I love to walk, and I appreciate places that make it easy.

*my library card, and the wonderful public library it unlocks.

*living in a place that has all four seasons in lovely abundance.  The fall colors were beautiful, and I’m looking forward to winter’s snow.

*my blog, and those who read it.  I really feel like I know some of you, and you have blessed my life.