Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

You Sunk My Hotel Chain!


So I am the husband of our infamous (i.e. “more than famous“) Napkin-writer, popping in for a cameo on Notes.

Tonight I defeated my wife.  Was I proud?  Not necessarily.  Was I humble?  Nope.  It was only a meager $14,000 difference, yet my strategic prowess again claimed victory over my beloved.  Her attempt to guilt me for covertly taking the master share of the hotel chain she instituted failed to incite me to give her a backrub.  I’ve lost too many games of Scrabble against her to be taken by such a blatant accusation of abuse.

The importance of our dispute might be marred by the fact that we took 3rd and 4th place in a game with only 4 players.

Despite our dismal placing, I take comfort in such achievements.  I have to make my mark as much as possible in games that have little to no English requirements.

— Paul


Paul’s right.  Strategy games just aren’t my thing.  My brain doesn’t seem to be able to think past my next move.  Which is why I probably ought not to be put in charge of allocating our 401K.