Back in the Game


I guess I only thought I failed NaBloPoMo.

I have since been informed by my friend Kathy that I am not allowed to default on my commitment, even if I did miss a deadline.  To provide incentive for me to continue daily posting, she has promised to give me a NaBloPoMo Prize for my very own if I manage to finish out the month.

I am so on it.

And it better be a real prize, not some creepy practical joke.  (Do you hear me, Kathleen?  If I bump into that crazy Burger King head one more time, I’ll go off my nut.)


Today I picked up a stack of math tests to grade, only to find that someone had already given himself a grade.  Right there in the yellow box in the corner where I usually record the score, a childish hand had written a wobbly “100”–in my red pen!

Whose paper was it?

Do you really need to ask?



4 responses »

  1. I thought bribery only worked on kindergartners! 🙂

    I had a student last year who liked to grade his own tests, too. He said, “I already gave myself an AT.” He thought my A+ in the yellow box was an AT.

  2. welcome back – get some stuff waiting on deck. Lazy posts acceptable! I am about to post an hourly recap of how I spent my day. It is literally a web log.

    and I didn’t know there were prizes…!

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