Daily Archives: November 1, 2008



“Do you still need more boxes?”

“Did you ask them for some boxes?”

“Do we have enough boxes?”

For the last two weeks, boxes have dominated my waking thoughts and dreams alike.  Where to find them, what to put in them, how to stack them so we could still access the bathroom and refrigerator and emergency exits (both of them) while we lived out our final days of residence.  For the past two days, anyone who could have watched from overhead as we navigated the boxed in paths through our tiny apartment would inevitably have been reminded of a giant game of Pac-Man.

Finally, today, it is moving day.  Wonderful friends are here beside us, loading and unloading all the pieces of our home life with a speed and precision that we could never have achieved alone.  And here I am, taking advantage of a brief respite while most of the crew is back at the apartment filling up the trailers for one last trip.

I only have a few minutes, but I just want to say how incredibly blessed I feel.  How thankful I am–for a nicer place to live, for the comfort and luxury of familiar possessions around us, and most of all, for the love and generosity of our sweet family in Christ, who turned out today in force with smiles of shared joy at our blessings and shoulders for sharing our burdens.  I can’t imagine what this would be like without them.

Thank you, Lord!