Shopping List


“Mom, is this your shopping list?” asked Caleb.

Distracted by an email I was composing, I glanced over quickly.  “Yes, it is.”

I didn’t notice him writing on it, but later, when I picked it up, I saw these additions, scrawled in adorably childish hand, at the end:






Can you interpret?  (scroll down for answers)



















fruit snacks

chicken nuggets


And the scrapbook material just keeps on coming!


8 responses »

  1. I got the first four but the “t” at the beginning threw me off for chicken nuggets. Aidan did the same thing to my mom once except he hid her list and made his own that just said toys over and over.

    And I am very impressed with Caleb’s phonics skills. Wow!

  2. And whoah, wait a minute… he just started KINDERGARTEN??? I have grade twos who can’t sound out as well as that! (well, ok, that’s a little extreme, but still… what a little smarty pants! 🙂 )

  3. chicken nuggets got me too! I kept thinking – k’nigits as in Monty Python… and that other men’s social club at HU!

    Smart kiddo. Great phonics. Its in his “jeans”

  4. I got all but the last one!!! Do I get a prize??? I’d be happy with a bag (or 2) of ice and maybe some salad 🙂 I’ll be blogging tomorrow, but produce is scarce around here after Ike did his thing, and I’m craving greens & carrots, maybe some purple cabbage as garnish…mmmmmmm 🙂

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