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From the first week of school:

*While reading a story about pythons on the reading carpet, a felt a tap on my knee and looked down into Andy*’s mischievous grin.  “Hey, teacher, do you want to see a python in real life?”  “Um, I don’t know,” I hedged.  “Because if you do, I’ve got one RIGHT HERE,” he continued, pointing with a flourish to his tiny curled bicep.  I tried to look impressed, hoping he didn’t notice I was choking on a laugh.

*Little Kyra was in tears, and I was the duty teacher on the playground.  “What’s wrong?” I asked, and she informed me that she only had “one friend in this whole school, and she’s playing with somebody else!”  I told her that she might only know one person so far, but that there were lots of girls in our class that would love to be friends with her.  As if on cue, sweet, quiet Brandy, who had overheard us, stepped forward and said, “Hey, I want to be your friend, Kyra!  Let’s go play on the slides.”  And off they went.  I just stood there with my eyes tearing up, full of sweet gladness at being witness to such a moment.  I can see already that my students aren’t the only ones who will be learning a lot this year.

*Caleb brought Tiny Tiger to school for Show and Tell on Friday.  He told the kids a little about where he got him, and then delivered what he clearly considered the coup de grace:  “Watch what he can do!”  And with that, he seized Tiny Tiger’s tail and used it to execute a complex series of what I know were karate moves, complete with whipshot sound effects.  The kids laughed (and so did I, I admit.)  Caleb’s face creased in consternation as he admonished, “Guys, don’t laugh!  This is serious business!”

*After school on Thursday, as I stayed to finish up my prep for the next day, Caleb asked me if he could have some more of the Skittles I use to reward the kids for good behavior at the end of class.  I said no.  “Uh oh, Mom,” he said, “You just broke the Number One Caleb Rule.  It’s give Caleb whatever he wants all the time.  You get an ‘F’.”

So I survived the first week of school, but I got an F.  Look at it this way:  At least there’s room for improvement.


*Names of kindergarteners have been changed to thwart the papparazzi.

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  1. Your classroom looks great, Katrina! What funny and sweet stories! I love children at this age, all of their wonder and amazement and vulnerability. I know you’re doing a great job! Blessings!

  2. Such neat stories – I can’t wait to read more of them as the year progresses. And, heaven forbid…you own flesh & blood gave you an “F”! Guess you need to study more so that you can pass all of the Caleb Rules from now on 🙂

  3. Yay for your first week – Maybe it was an F for Fantastic??

    I just LOVE that you are teaching kindergarten… the little minds that you are helping to shape. I still remember my kindergarten teacher.. I loved her with my whole heart. She was amazing. How wonderful to be a part of a child life at such a special time in their development. These kids are blessed to have you as a teacher… and it seems there may be some blessing in it for you too. Life is good. 🙂

  4. Your room is SO beautiful! I’m jealous! Seriously. It’s so bright and cheery and new-looking! Our school board only has “board approved colours” to paint things (haha, I originally typed “taint” by mistake. It kinda fits). Those colours include harvest gold, puke/snot green, and minty blue. Mmmm, de-lish.

    I SO love the things that come out of kid’s mouths! The python comment is hysterical! 🙂

    Week two, here we come!

  5. That friends story is precious. All we really want in kindergarten is friends and to belong, right? And that lesson lasts all through life. I’m glad you survived week one and I hope you are doing great this week!

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