Borrowed Bliss


Of the myriad tiny joys embedded in my day like so many Easter Eggs in the green grass, one of the sweetest occurs in the early evening, when my route home invariably takes me past a little wooden-faced building nestled in the heart of Coeur d’Alene, a place called The Hitching Post. Often, especially in the summer, the golden rays of late sun illuminating the small brick and clapboard structure also fall upon a wedding party milling around on the lawn outside, where a bride and groom and their retinue of devoted friends are either coming or going from the short and intimate ceremony inside the small chapel.

Sometimes the bride is in full regalia–veil, train and all–resplendent and rapturous beside her tuxedoed groom and matching taffeta-encrusted wedding party. Many times, though, she is less formally attired. Passing by the Post day after day, I have seen a Western themed wedding, a Medieval wedding, and even a wedding where everyone involved, including the happy couple, wore matching tee shirts. Whatever they’re wearing, they usually stop and pose for photos in front of the Hitching Post’s famous sign, sharing hugs and smiles with gathered family as passers-by honk and wave their congratulations in the spirit of bonhomie.

Even when the whole wedding party is dressed in jeans, it’s easy to tell which ones are the bride and groom: look for the couple that is gazing intently into each other’s eyes, giddy and slightly off-balance, as if they’ve just been hit over the head with a pillow-encased anvil. Glancing at them is like glancing into the sun. The joy lingers, radiates, spreads out in concentric circles from its source to wash over even me, driving by in my dusty red car, and suddenly I’m grinning like an idiot.

I do love a wedding.

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  1. As much as I hate to admit it, I think that I’ve become a bit less enthusiastic when it comes to weddings. Being in the wedding business for several years can do that to a person! Though I am always happy when a couple unite in marriage and promise to spend their lives together, I can’t help but find myself checking out their flowers, putting a bit too much into ‘tasting’ their wedding cake (and comparing to others) or even noticing the way their photographer moves around snapping off pictures. I guess I’ve become a bit jaded, but as with all things, it’s bound to happen when you are around them so much 😦

  2. Oh, P.S. I am hoping to find the time to scan & upload some pictures to my blog later today, so just keep checking. I have a few pictures of Cori & I that I’d just as soon burn as display, but I just can’t help myself 🙂 And, no, I haven’t decided whether I will be cropping myself out of them or not…we’ll have to see what kind of mood I’m in by the time I get around to digging through my trusty photo album!

  3. My parents were actually married at The Hitching Post and next February will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

  4. My husband and I had both been married before so we decided we wanted a special ceremony just for ourselves when we married. We went to the Hitching Post alone and it was a very meaningful ceremony. Later we had a celebration with our friends and family, but the vows and the scriptures were more memorable when I didn’t have to worry about how the back of my hair looked or if everyone was lined up right at the front of the church! Great post.

  5. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love this post. Now I’m sad that my wedding is in a secluded spot – there will be no passer-byer to enjoy it. I’ll have to take EXTRA pictures and share with the internet. 🙂

  6. I have to go to one this weekend with my maternal family, the Italian Battalion. Want to go for me? With me? I totally meant WITH me.


    I used to love weddings.

  7. LOVE that title. “Borrowed Bliss.” I go to a hair salon called Bliss and it tickles me that on my cell phone directory, I can put a phone call through to Bliss.

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