Caleb got his five year immunizations this week. There were three of them, each a miraculous cocktail of disease prevention in a giant syringe tipped with a glistening needle.

He’s fine. And, well, I’m recovering.

I hate the moment when the needles break that pristine baby skin, and, despite all the preparation and the hand holding and the assurances that “it will all be over in a second, sweetheart”, those big blue eyes widen–first in shock and then in pain–and the wail that cannot be contained pierces the air and mommy’s heart at the same time.

The nurses weaseled their way back into Caleb’s good graces with cartoon bandaids and a Spiderman sticker, and after a visit to Doctor Mark’s treasure chest, he was well on his way to forgetting the grievous injury so recently visited upon his person.

On the way home, we stopped at McDonald’s for a couple of bracing vanilla ice cream cones (small for Caleb and large for Mom), a treat which completed the healing process.

For Caleb, at least.

I might need another cone.


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  1. In Texas kiddos get their shots up to the age of 4, then not again until 14. Two of my 3 kiddos have had to go through the 4 year old series, and I had to be the one to stand and hold their hand, whispering words of reassurance and love, while trying not to cry. I hate the 4 year old shots!!! At this age, they are old enough to remember them, and old enough to understand what is getting ready to happen. As infants, they just don’t understand or remember, so I can get past it all much easier 🙂 So, after having gone through the 4 year old shots twice before, I have decided to forgo them with Ian. I have dutifully submitted my request to the state of Texas to obtain my form indicating that I have chosen to skip these & any further vaccinations for my kiddos – I’m just tired of weighing the risks and have decided I’d rather take my chances with the measles, mumps or rubella, than with mercury-laden vaccines concocted by BIG pharma. If we should suddenly decide to make a trip overseas, I will deal with the necessary ‘protective measures’ at that time. Until then, I think we have had enough vaccines for this and many other lifetimes!

    Hope you find time to get that second ice cream cone today 🙂 Cheer up mom – all will be well again – until 14, at least!

  2. The way Chase reacts to shots…I need a whole gallon of ice cream – the really fattening stuff – from Coldstone! Poor thing freaks out at the mere mention of shots. She HATES needles. So…I feel your “pain”. LOL!

  3. Fortunately, Bella has a strange love for her doctor and just deals with the shots as if it were the price of love.

    Ava is more of a normal kid and her face switches from panic to pain to extreme distaste for all in the room. Ice cream is truly a universal healer though.

    I’ve found that a good pediatrician will let you determine the vaccination schedule. As long as the kids get them by the pre-determined age, Dr. CurlyQ has no problem breaking them up. Yeah, it may cause for doctor drama but I’d rather that than a lifelong effect that could or could not be triggered by shots.

  4. oohhhh.. those shots are hard to take.

    Know why I am “afraid” of dogs? When I was 5, I was bitten by a dog. The doctor prescribed 12 shots (in case of it has rabbies) – yes – 12 shots!!!! in my behind! I think it was once a week (maybe once a day or once a month – hey, that’s 35+ years ago…).

    How was the ice cream?

    I meant to come back on my Webkinz post but didn’t get a chance. I am planning to do a post on it once of these days…

    P.S. Now, i am not afraid of shots. No, I think I became immune to the pain of shots.

  5. I’m not a Mommy, but my Mom always told the story of the look I’d give here when I had to go through some odd test without her at my side. It truly killed her.

    Yum, ice cream is the all-time healer food!

  6. The dreaded shots. They aren’t fun for either child nor Mommy, that is for sure. But I think there will be a lot of moments like these that we will have to get through together by holding hands and having faith. We grow through painful experiences and God will continue to use them in our life when he wants to teach us. Luckily, some of them come with an ice cream cone at the end!

  7. Sigh. B needs his shots 2 months ago. We’re delaying since he was really traumatized the last time which means we were way way way more traumatized.

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