Skin Deep


I had a lovely Mother’s Day.

From Katie, I received a clay pot in the shape of a cat that she had made for me in art class because “I remembered cats are your favorite.” Thanks to Caleb, I was deluged with hugs and kisses and hourly declarations of “Happy Muvver’s Day, Mommy!” And all day long, from the moment I woke up until the moment I closed my eyes to sleep, Paul did every single thing that I usually do for the kids, from getting them up and dressed for church to preparing their meals to fielding the usual bedtime crises of lost Tiggers and parched throats. I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger.

It was divine.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Paul announced that he was buying me a present: a Skinit for Penelope*! A Skinit is a sort of giant vinyl sticker that is applied to the top of your laptop computer (or cell phone, or iPod, or electronic-device-of-your-choice) to endow it with super powers, or at least with a little bit of its owner’s personality. It’s flair for your tech. Plus, stickers are cool. In that geeky way.

The best part? Not only does Skinit have an extensive library of possible skin designs for your gadgetry, they also offer you the option of creating your own unique skin with any digital image you upload. A photo of your family, a child’s drawing, even the original album cover art from the one and only CD ever cut by the ill-fated garage band you formed in the tenth grade to get Jesse Ackerman to notice you: the sky’s the limit.

I promptly immersed myself in a Google Images search for the Perfect Penelope Picture, sweating and studying as if I were choosing a tattoo for my face rather than a design for my notebook.Β  I searched through free desktop wallpaper, unique works of art, movie posters, anything and everything that tickled my fancy. The problem? My fancy is very ticklish. I wanted to express myself; I just couldn’t decide which part of myself to express.

Did I want to be feminine?






Or just cute?

After three days of searching and sorting and pondering the eternal questions (“Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Are LOLcats just a passing fad, or the profound expression of a timeless truth?”) I finally settled on one of the stock images provided on Skinit’s website:

And this is what it will look like on my machine:

Penelope will love it.


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  1. Does your husband know you or what?! What a way cool gift!! How lucky are you! I can only imagine the hours upon hours you spent trying to find the one that totally fit your personality. I think you picked a fabulous one by the way – the butterfly for free and light, the black background says I can go deep and dark and the bright color for “I like to let my light shine”….at least that’s my take. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother’s Day – thanks for passing along your sweet wishes as well (sorry mine are so late).

  2. Happy belated Mothers Day! Sounds like it was lovely. πŸ™‚ I love the pic you picked out! I’d totally get one myself if my laptop wasn’t already red.

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