Daily Archives: April 28, 2008

Bits and Pieces


I seem to be on the cusp of developing a raging non-blogging habit. Can’t let that happen. Let’s do a little catching up!

*Ever since Paul pulled the board out a few weeks ago, Monopoly has been all the rage around here. Every time I turn around, one or the other of the kids is waving paper money under my nose and begging me to take a few spins past the Boardwalk. It’s a great family activity, giving us a chance to teach Caleb important lessons, like: “Jail is bad. You don’t want to go there.” And: “The bank is not for personal loans.” And: “Never let Katie get a monopoly or you will end up not only losing your money but owing her all your desserts for a week.” Seriously, Paul and I have instituted a Monopoly Trade Commission; its sole mandate is to keep Katie from taking unfair advantage of her brother, who will agree with cheerful good nature to absolutely anything she proposes. (“All of Caleb’s greens plus Park Place in exchange for B&O Railroad? Sorry. Overruled!”)

*Paul and I have a hot date planned to go see Ironman in the theater this week. I can’t wait! I love superhero origin movies, and this promises to be a fun one, with plenty of delicious special effects, and Robert Downey Jr., to boot. I have a soft spot for superheroes who achieve their “super-ness” through superior technology and sheer determination. After all, if I’m ever going to be a superhero, that’s pretty much the route I have to take, not having access to vats of industrial waste or irradiated laboratory creatures.

*Katie’s class will be taking buses to a local pool to take swimming lessons in a couple of weeks. I’m trying not to be all overprotective-mom-ish about it, but I’m this close to disguising myself in a Hannah Montana bathing suit and a pair of water wings and infiltrating the class so I can keep an eye on her.

*Last weekend, the Women of Faith conference came to Spokane, and, thanks to the generosity of a friend, I was able to attend. When the voices of twenty-thousand women singing “How great is our God!” spiral upward in unison all around you, it’s like a long, cool drink of water for your soul. Over the two days of the conference, I was uplifted, entertained, and touched. There were plenty of laughs and tears to go around. Anita Renfroe stopped in to give a special performance of “Mom’s Overture”, and we heard Sandi Patty (Sandi Patty!) sing and share her story. We rocked out to Nicole C. Mullen (and had to admire her finely chiseled arms–that girl has some guns!) But by far, the most affecting moment for me was listening to Sheila Walsh talk about prayer, and the struggle a Christian faces when God says no. Oh, how I have been there! She reminded us that even Christ Himself heard “no” from His Father when He was praying in the garden. The grace to accept God’s answer to prayer comes from resting in His will instead of mine. To be honest, I’m still working on it.

Well, that’s all I have written on my napkin for now. May your week be blessed (and may you land on Free Parking!)