Wedding Drums


Well, Amber is a married woman now.

DA Wedding 2DA Wedding 3

I know she’s 29 years old, but she’s still my baby sister, and seeing her in a wedding dress was every bit as surreal as the first time I witnessed my brother (the one who used to give me Indian rug burns and wrestle with me for control of the TV remote) changing diapers and answering to the name of “Daddy.” Still, the look on her face was beyond description. I suppose I could say that she was glowing, but it doesn’t seem to do her justice. When that kind of happiness, so deep and transforming, shines out from someone’s eyes, it’s almost too beautiful to look at. Seeing it radiating from my beloved sister warmed me straight through.

DA Wedding 1

The wedding was lovely. It was a perfect reflection of the two hearts being joined together that day. Daniel’s twin brother and best man, Samuel, sang a song in Shona, and Amber walked down the aisle to the sound of African drumbeats. Then she and Daniel faced each other before a crowd of smiling witnesses and promised to love each other always, to build their lives on God’s truth, and to be home to one another forever. After their first kiss (which was heralded by Daniel’s sincere “Woohooo!” of glee and the onlookers’ appreciative chuckles), the newly married couple a-wimoweh-ed back down the aisle together to the strains of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens, grinning from ear to ear.

DA Wedding 4

DA Wedding 5

Thanks to the round-the-clock food preparation and decorating efforts of some very dedicated extended family, the reception was a vision of candlelight and white tablecloths, filled with the aromas of delicious Italian meatballs and skewered chicken. Our Aunt Linette made the wedding cake, a delectable Italian Cream cake festooned with red roses. Samuel made a sweet toast to the happy couple, and the bride and groom entertained the guests with their own harmonic performance, singing an array of songs, accompanied by their musical friends, Butch and Linda. A few brave souls even jumped up to strut their stuff on the dance floor; mostly the kids, who found it an excellent way to burn off their sugar high from the cream cheese frosting.

DA Wedding 6

DA Wedding 7

Finally, the cake was eaten, the bouquet was flung, and Daniel and Amber were ready to exchange the noisy wedding festivities for the quiet refuge of their reserved room at a nearby bed-and-breakfast. Instead of birdseed to hurl at the bride and groom (possibly causing grievous injury or inviting freak bird swarm attacks) the guests received glowsticks to wave around and light the path through the dark parking lot to Amber’s well-decorated car. With one last run through the cheering crowd, the freshly joined pair jumped into their escape vehicle and drove away to begin their new life.

DA Wedding 8

Just like that, the wedding was over.

The cleanup, however, was just beginning.


DA Wedding

Congratulations, Daniel and Amber. May God bless you with true friendship, self-sacrificing love, and more mountains than valleys. I wish you both very happy!

(Final photo courtesy of Mike McElhatton)


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  1. Amber looks radiant. I love the sleeves on her dress!

    They both look so happy! They make a beautiful couple.

    I think I understand your feelings about how surreal the experience was. As an older sibling, I feel sort of responsible for the littler ones (even though the youngest is 26! 😀 ) I’m sure you felt just as proud and excited as if you were her parent.

    Congratulations to your whole family. I also wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

  2. **sighs** love it. I think she stole my wedding dress, but I thought of her when I found my dress so I guess it all goes together!

    I so wish I could have made the trip. She was able to sacrifice for my wedding, but I just could not come up with the funds for her’s. Looks like I missed a glorious day.

    I am completely stealing that last picture and framing it!

  3. Ahhh, congruatulations. I love a good love story!!! Great photos, and it sounds like their foundation is built on the Rock.

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  5. Fabulous pictures!! I know Amber had a photographer, but I’m sure your photos could rival his. Conspicuously absent, though, is a picture of the matron of honor. : ) I know this post was all about Amber and Daniel, though. Their wedding was beautiful!!

  6. Oh I love the last picture especially. Sigh. What a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple and what a wonderful marriage to be built on God first and with all the family support they already have!! God bless Amber and Daniel!!

  7. Now it makes sense why you’ve been gone a while!

    These photos are gorgeous! This post was totally making me tear up. They look so radiant and happy and completely in love.

    I have to say, though, the fact there were Italian meatballs and an Italian cream cake made me laugh. I didn’t expect that with such a heavy African theme. That’s awesome. 🙂

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