Checking In


I’m alive.

I’m well.

I’m sorry, Internets, that I haven’t been a very prolific blogger lately, but I’ve been buried under a mountain of February to-dos and events that would make Martha Stewart weep into her hand-woven and delicately monogrammed hankie.

I need reinforcements.

Or at least refreshments.


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  1. I have a list of to-dos that have been put on-hold thanks to my sudden urge to paint & decorate. It started with the kid’s bathroom, which I’m still working on, and has spilled over to the breakfast room/kitchen walls, and the boy’s bedrooms…which are both large and will require multiple days and gallons of paint…I feel your pain…but at least I’m finally getting some blog material out of the deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you all for your loving supports and suggestions for sustenance! The Big Events are over as of tonight, so I will be back in the saddle again shortly! (Does anyone think it’s weird that I sit in a saddle to blog?)

  3. Sitting in a saddle to blog, now that is something I have never heard of. Wierd, of course not. I don’t drop in very often, but I do enjoy your blog and the many comments. The Stickman

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