The White Stuff


Snow Day 1

“SNOWWWWW DAYYYYYYY!” squealed Katie as soon as she heard the news of today’s school closings. Paul very nearly squealed, too, upon finding out that his office also closed down for the day. A snow day for the whole family. That’s like being handed an extra Saturday out of the blue!

Twenty-six straight hours of snowfall dumped over a foot of snow on our little town and much of the rest of the Northwest yesterday. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for Idaho, but it was the worst kind of snow: big, wet, heavy flakes, piled up in mountains of glutinous slush all along the roads and rooftops. Power lines are collapsing under its weight, and roofs are caving in from the strain. And if you have the bad fortune to have to drive in the muck, it alternately sucks at your tires like a bog monster or catapults you across lanes of traffic without your say so, causing numerous accidents and jackknifed tractor trailers. Overnight, the temperature dropped, and all that lovely slush froze into a treacherous lunar landscape of bumps and swirls and sheets of ice topped by crusty snow. Most school closures were announced last night in anticipation of today’s mess.

How nice it is to sit here now, cozy inside our apartment with no where to go, typing this while I look out the window over a dazzling world of white. I went out earlier, intending to shovel the walk. I got a couple of feet through the packed ice and heavy, sticky snow before I gave it up as a lost cause. We have good boots, I figure. I took out the trash, I checked the mail, and by the time I made my way back inside, my ears were aching with the cold. A quick check of revealed the temperature: 18 degrees. And sunny. Stinging ears or not, I had to stand outside for a few minutes just looking over the snow caked mountains and the bejeweled trees and the cerulean sky, praising God for setting me down in northern Idaho.

Snow Day 2


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  1. I loooove the snow! We rarely get it here (and if we do, it’s the awful slushy stuff) but still it is SO beautiful!Your pictures are goegeous (and your post makes this teacher jealous… how I long for a snow day! hehehe!)

  2. It’s funny how I don’t care for the snow much, but I love snow days! 🙂 Actually I love the snow in my yard and on the trees, but I do not like it at all on the roads. Glad you enjoyed your snow day. So did we–movies, naps, time together. What are our chances for another one tomorrow?

  3. My day was almost as nice. I decided not to venture out and telecommuted with the exception of an hour long conference call on my cell phone – gotta watch the minutes now for the rest of February! Loved your descriptions of attempting to drive in this mess!

  4. First, did you take those pictures? I can only dream of ever seeing a world of white! Our temps today? 70+ degrees with sunshine – I kicked my kiddos outside as soon as they got home from school. Tonight’s forecast? 35 freaking cold degrees!!! Only in Texas can the temps drop so drastically, so quickly, for no reason whatsoever…its not even supposed to rain!!! Tomorrow’s forecast? In the 40’s with sunshine – at least it won’t be raining again…we’ve had more than a week of rain, so I’m really enjoying the blue skies while they last!!!

  5. All of you who are hungering after some snow of your own, please–take as much as you like! We’ve got close to two feet now and four to eight more inches on the way tonight–everybody’s walking around black and blue from all the shoveling!

    It sure is beautiful, though, especially with the moonlight reflecting off of it…

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  7. LOVE that second picture….was that last Tuesday after the big storm? It was GORGEOUS in North Idaho…all the more reason to live here….I fortunetly don’t have to drive in it, and we homeschool so everyday is a snow day….er….PE/recess first then the books 🙂

  8. Yes, it was after the big storm (the first one!) The kids and I really enjoyed our snow day together, wrapped up in blankets and playing video games. I think they’re about ready for the park to be thawed out, though…lol!

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