For Truth, Justice, and an End to Wanton Tickling!


Today’s guest blogger is Paul (a.k.a. The Geek):


The other night, I took a break from The Two Towers DVD to put together a couple little puzzles with my kids. The puzzles were both picturing Marvel super heroes, and so as we built the puzzles, my kids asked about the different characters, their history and special abilities. Having been blessed growing up with an older brother who had means to subscribe to comics, I was happy to impart my fairly vast pool of fictional hero lore to my eager children. They were a great audience and seemed very excited by some of the powers. Once they had amassed what they felt was an adequate degree of knowledge, they began to choose which ones they wanted, as if I would somehow bestow these super gifts upon them myself. My son’s choice went so:

Caleb: [Pointing to the heroes as he talks about them] If I had Cyclops’ laser beam and Wolverine’s claws, I could STOP EVILDOERS. [Does a decent upper body power pose.]

Dad: [Looking quite impressed] I bet you could! You’d be a GREAT superhero.

Caleb: Yeah! [thoughtful pause] What’s an evildoer?

Dad: [Controlling himself] It’s someone who does what is wrong and sometimes hurts other people.

Caleb: Yeah! Like making a booby trap chair…or…giving tickles.

Apparently giving tickles is akin to villainous torture. Enhanced chairs? Not sure about that one. I was taking too much care not to blow tea out my nose in laughter to delve further into the evils of modified recliners. I’ll just look before sitting down anywhere in the home until I am sure my son’s super allegiances are clear.

Word to the wise: Take care when explaining Johnny Storm. My kids got waaaaay too excited about his powers. “Fire is nothing to play with. It will burn you. The Human Torch is just pretend,” I told them. That seemed to quell their thirst for flying pryomania.

For now.


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  1. Well, I nearly blew coffee out of my nose at this post, especially the bit about Johnny Storm. It’s amazing how when you are talking about things around kids you suddenly end up in the strangest tangles verbally. Such as the night I taught about Joseph and Potipher’s wife to my first graders…
    “She, um, wanted him to be her boyfriend. But she was already married so…”

  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall while you and Katrina are talking – you’re both so good with words and quick witted. It must be hilarious to listen to you two argue. 🙂 Good post. I totally understand the whole superhero thing!

  3. Our daughter Morgann cries if daddy doesn’t do “The Tickle Monster” with her at night before bed. It’s their special little ritual and she cannot sleep until she’s been tickled so much that she cries. I personally hated to be tickled, even slightly, but apparently that’s her thing…which Michael & I have both expressed worry over. Is it normal to want to be tickled so much that you almost throw up?!?

  4. I remember loving the tickle wars that we had with my Dad as a kid, and yes, sometimes we’d laugh so hard that we couldn’t breathe. I don’t know if it was the tickling or just the laughing and having fun that we liked; maybe Morgann just likes having all her Dad’s attention focused on her for little while every day. (But you know her best–if you’re concerned, maybe you could talk it over with your pediatrician or family doctor?)

  5. hi i am shehry actually i am 17 years old n i love tickling i think its a sweet sensation which u feel. its not a torture if u enjoy. i am so ticklish in my feet and specially armpit thats why i just enjoy to tickle others not to tickle by others because i cant stand on it for a second. if any one from u wana chat with me on tikling then giv me a message on my e-mail plzzzzzzzz.

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