Daily Archives: January 17, 2008

You Make My Day


I’d like to thank the little people, with their sticky questions and fossilized boogies. I’d like to thank my wonderful husband, without whose geeky influence I might never have known what a blog was, or how to use it to to spread amusing anecdotes, useless trivia, and dire warnings about impending alien invasions. Most of all, I’d like to thank Inland Empire Girl, of Gathering Around the Table, who so generously endowed me with this award. Her blog is a fresh breeze, full of thoughtful reflections and sweet stories that I always enjoy reading, and it is an honor to be singled out for her attention.


The You Make My Day Award is given to bloggers whose blogs “bring you inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland.” All the blogs on my Blogs I Like list fall into that category! But I’d like to tell you about three that especially spring to mind.

Jen at A Butterfly Moment is not only a dear friend in real life, but an inspiring teacher, a devoted mom, and a talented writer.   She has a generous heart and a Spirit-filled way of looking at life that always lift me up, and her stories about the kids in her class are priceless.

No spin through the blogosphere would be complete without a stop at Tales From My Tiny Kingdom.  Anne Glamore frequently makes me laugh so hard I gleek.  (For example, check out one of my favorite posts of hers: It’s Natural But It’s Rated R.)  She is a superhero.

I’ve “known” Amy from Eliza Jane almost since the day I started my own blog.  A fellow believer, book-lover, and blog buddy, she has one of the most authentic writing voices I’ve read.  Her blog is a window into her experiences as a single mom, her walk with God, and her loves and beliefs.  I often stop by to see what’s up and leave with an unexpected dose of perspective.

So, this award is for you lovely ladies.  Thank you for blogging!  Feel free to nominate your own day-making bloggers, as many as you like, or just nod, smile, and stick it up on your virtual mantel next to your other crowning achievements.

(Also, if any of you lack the time to come up with your own acceptance speech, you might look here for a little help.)

Have a happy day!